Risk + Buccal Fat Removal

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Is Buccal Fat Removal a risky procedure?

What are the risks and possible complications of buccal fat pad removal? What is the downtime? Also, what should I look for in a Doctor to have this... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Pad Removal -- what's the likelihood of damaging the buccal nerve?

According to this study, apparently the chances of the buccal nerve running THROUGH the fat pad are 23.6% vs laying atop the fat pad. http://www.ncbi... READ MORE

Are There Less Risky Options Than Buccal Fat Removal for Achieving More Definition in the Face? (photo)

Chunky cheeks fun in my family, and while I appreciate that they keep up all looking young, I would like to have some definition to my face. When I... READ MORE

What are the risks and long-term effects of buccal fat removal?

What are the risks of the actual surgery? How common are they? Is buccal fat removal an overall risky procedure? What are the long term effects... READ MORE

Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal or Facial Lipo? (photos)

I have always been unhappy with the fullness of my lower cheeks, lack of contour. I'm 31, thin, & not worried about needing fat in that area as I age,... READ MORE

I had buccal fat removal on Wednesday the 12th April. The swelling is excessive on one side? (Photo)

The doctor thinks he damaged the salivary gland as it worsened after food. When it first happened, he removed some stitches and allowed the saliva to... READ MORE

If you compare buccal fat removal and Liposuction, which one of does runs more risk of nerve damage?

Hi! I thinking about making buccelfat removal. My question is how common is the risk of nerv damage? And if you compare lipocution and buccelfat... READ MORE

Wanting buccal fat removal at 25 years old. What are the possible downfalls? (photo)

It seems to be genetic that "round" faces run in the family. I am slim yet my cheeks are round and gives me a chubby look which I want to avoid -... READ MORE

Jaw surgery or fat pad removal? How can I tell if my bone structure or my buccal fat pad is what makes my face so wide?

I'm 30, have a face shaped like an inverted triangle/am Asian with a heavy, square jawline. It makes me uncomfortable.My face is fuller in the lower... READ MORE

How can I treat perioral mounds and chubby cheeks? (Photo)

The balls of fat on either side of my mouth have been bothering me for a while. Is there a way for me to remove them and make the circled areas... READ MORE

What is the best way to get a slimmer, more contoured face? Is buccal fat removal worth the risk? (Photo)

I've always had chubby cheeks, even when at a normal weight. I've seen two different doctors. The first recommended liposuction of the jowls, and the... READ MORE

Am I candidate for buccal fat & chin lipo? What if I gain/lose weight? What are risks? I'm 49, 295 lbs (Photos)

I'm 49 yr old female. Gained and lost lots ago my life. At highest weight now, but want to feel prettier and more comfy till I get weight back off. Am... READ MORE

Cheek implants and buccal fat removal at same time will increase risk of an infection?

I am planning to get cheek implants and buccal fat removal (looking for a slim face look) This procedures together at the same time will increased the... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal + fillers cost in NYC + NYC/east coast doctor recommendation?

How much does it cost to get a my bucaal fat removed as well as a little amount of fillers in the cheeks and in the lips+ quite a liberal amount in... READ MORE

Any experienced buccal fat pad removal surgeons in Southern CA?

I would like to have the buccal fat pad removal procedure but cannot seem to find any surgeons in San Diego or near by who have much experience doing... READ MORE

Had Buccal Fat Pad Removal, Now Considering PERIORAL MOUND LIPO? (photo)

Had buccal fat pad removal over 10 years ago and am now considering perioral mound lipo. I'm afraid that I bear more risk than the typical person,... READ MORE

I Am a 63 Year Old Women. Am I Too Old for Buccal Fat Removal. I Feel my Lower Cheeks Need This Procedure? (photo)

I just read that buccal fat removal is not well thought of. I am concerned about the skin after the surgery. Do your cheeks and skin fall because... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal? Please Help I Am Considering (photo)

I am considering buccal fat removal because my face is very round and in photos it just looks awfully round. I can't stand it and one of my biggest... READ MORE

What Are the Risks and Warnings for Buccal Fat Pad Reduction?

I really want to have this procedure done because I've seen before and after picture of others who did this procedure, I feel my face would benefit... READ MORE

Is there any doctor in sydney that is an expert in buccal fat removal? I can't seem to find someone. (photos)

Would my face benefit from it? I just scared about the risks of sunken cheeks and ageing but I was told that it doesn't make that much of a difference... READ MORE

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