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Jowl Liposuction or Buccal Fat Removal to Reduce Cheek Fat?

Hi Doctors, As I grew older and put on some weight, I noticed that my cheeks began to get bigger. I am considering some surgery but not sure if it... READ MORE

Are there any procedures that can reduce facial fat?

Are there any procedures that can reduce facial fat,since i have chubby cheeks,whenever i gain weight it seem to go there and other areas of my... READ MORE

Surgery to reduce size of mid face? Want permanent surgical changes.

I feel my mid face is too big as I have big wide cheekbones and very full cheeks. I'd like a slimmer bone structure and smaller cheekbones and a oval... READ MORE

Trying to reduce chubby lower cheeks, is buccal fat the appropriate procedure?

My face has always been a bit too full for my liking on the lower half, even if I lose weight it stays the same. I am wanting to achieve a more... READ MORE

Is the Buccal Fat Removal good for me? (photo)

Ok since a was a child I had big cheeks but I thought that was going to change when I grew up, I am 22 and my face hasn't change i am 5'5 and I weight... READ MORE

Hey Is buccal fat pad removal the only way?

Hey I was wondering if you can get rid of the cheek fat without surgery or is it the only way? I want to get more noticeable cheeks and a more defined... READ MORE

Does Viora Reaction get rid of fat permanently?

I am wanting to get Viora to reduce fat in the face. I have had one treatment and didn't notice a change in my face yet. Already did buccal fat... READ MORE

What is a good procedure to reduce my chubby cheeks? (Photo)

I have chubby cheeks, I don't know where to start. I feel like one side is droopy but my friends and family says it's not. I need honest opinions what... READ MORE

How do I reduce the size of the bigger cheek? Or reduce the size of both! (photo)

My fat cheeks and my face in general is not symmetrical and it has been bothering me my whole life. I can never take a picture facing forward because... READ MORE

How to work on my face, hand and tummy fat?

How to work on my face, hand and tummy fat?How to reduce fat and bony cheek? I always put on weaith on my face and hand please do I work on them READ MORE

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