Puffiness + Buccal Fat Removal

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Am I a Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal (I Don't Like the Puffiness/pouchiness to the Sides of my Mouth/chin)? (photo)

33yo female. I was told by a doctor that buccal fat reduction would create the clean line from cheekbone to corner of mouth I am looking for(remove... READ MORE

Face still puffy only at incision sites after buccal fat surgery.

Hello, I had Buccal fat surgery exactly one month ago. No complications, and most of the swelling has gone down. My question is about the firmnes and... READ MORE

Which procedure will fix my puffy cheeks/fat face?

I have a fat face, but I am not overweight. I do not like how there is that shadow under my chin. I would like to hear your advice on how to fix my... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Pad Removal + Malar Fat pad "Lift? (photos)

I am 22 years old and my face doesn't look defined at all, i do have a side that is more "puffy" then the other, and a hamster smile. With the buccal... READ MORE

Fat face even after surgery. I'm depressed. Is it normal to see no improvement after 2 months?

I had my buccal fat removed 2months ago as my cheeks were heavy for my frame 2 weeks after the swelling subsided i saw a slight difference which i... READ MORE

My face is puffy. How to fix it? (photos)

My face is very puffy around the mouth and inbetween the cheekbones and jawbones. I have tried to lose weight and i lost 8 pounds but my face did not... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Pad removal for the second time. Is it safe?

I got the procedure done in 2009 and I never saw dramatic results. A few days ago I visited a new surgeon who advised me to go through a second fat... READ MORE

Right candidate for a buccal fat removal? (Photo)

I have chubby cheeks while my BMW is very low, meaning I'm very thin. This unbalance is affecting my confidence and I really want to have a... READ MORE

Will Buccal Fat Removal Help Me to Achieve Very Sunken Cheeks?

I have already asked a similar question, but I have attached a photo this time. I know that I do not have "puffy" or fat cheeks, but I want to have... READ MORE

I am a candidate for buccal fat removal? (Photo)

My face looks very round due to my fat cheeks. I am also at a healthy BMI, so I am not overweight. Are fuller cheeks a predisposition? I believe it... READ MORE

Any there any injections for destroying face fat cells? Or only buccal fat pad removal? (Photos)

I am from chennai. I was on finasteride for 6 year and so so much fat developed in face. now i am off from fin for 8 month but still face is puffy.... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal and chin surgery? (Photos)

My cheeks appear puffy and round, it gives me a more childish appearance which I'm not happy with. I would like for a more defined face (much... READ MORE

Why are the corners of my mouth so puffy?? I'm only 22!! (photos)

The corners of my mouth stick out and give my face a weird shape. I also have weird pockets of fat right underneath them. What is this and how can I... READ MORE

What are the best invasive and non-invasive options for buccal fat pads, marionette lines, and weak chin & profile? (Photos)

I'm in my early 30s and would like to know best options (both invasive and non-invasive) for my weak profile and big cheeks with marionette lines. As... READ MORE

Options for a heavy, jowly face with puffy cheeks? (photos)

I am only 20 years old and I have the appearance of heavy jowls and heavy cheeks- just a very undefined face in general. Even when I lose weight, the... READ MORE

Does buccal fat removal affect your cheeks when you smile?

My cheeks get very wide and puffy when i smile, and I want o know if buccal fat removal can fix this problem. Also, my cheeks and smile are... READ MORE

Nearly 2 months since buccal fat reduction, top lip still enlarged and under eye cheek area is still puffy. Why is this?

Why would my top lip be swollen and under my eyes still puffy from buccal fat reduction done over 6 weeks ago? It still feels tight in this area... READ MORE

Is there anyway to lose fat over all of your face? (Photo)

Hi, I keep on trying to lose face fat but can't. I'm thin, and my arms are super thin, and it seems all my fat goes up to my face and stomach, why is... READ MORE

I have a overall chubby face. Am I a candidate for buccal fat removal? (photos)

Hi, I keep on trying to lose face fat but can't. I'm thin, and my arms are super thin, and it seems all my fat goes up to my face and stomach, why is... READ MORE

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