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​I hate my face shape and hate smiling because of it. What procedures would correct my asymmetrical, sagging cheeks? (photos)

I hate my face shape so much to the point where I won't let people take photos of me on a night out etc.. Seriously considering surgery as I've... READ MORE

How to get rid of chipmunk cheeks and create hollow cheeks/ model look? (photos)

I would like create that gaunt model look which include defined cheeks and chin. I went to a resident clinic and they do not do implants so my only... READ MORE

What is the safest way to get rid of my fat, "chipmunk" cheeks? (photos)

I am a 24 year old skinny girl with very chubby cheeks. As an aspiring actress, I get rejected for roles because my cheeks appear very swollen and... READ MORE

Would buccal fat removal help make my jawline more defined and V-shaped? Would it make my cheeks less chubby? (Photo)

Would it help making my jawline more defined and more in a V shape, make my cheek bones defined and cheeks less chubby? Also i was wondering how much... READ MORE

I'm 19 yrs old. I'v always had very flabby and fat cheeks. Am I Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I'm 19 yrs old. I'v always had very flabby and fat cheeks. B/c of these huge sagging cheeks, my face has no angle or definition and looks nothing but... READ MORE

I am naturally thin with a round face. Could I be a candidate for Buccal Fat Reduction? (photos)

I've always hated my round face. I'm naturally thin so I can't get rid of it through exercise and I hate contouring everyday. I was wondering if... READ MORE

I Have Always Had Chubby (droopy?) Cheeks. Am I A Buccal Fat Removal Candidate. (photo)

I have always had chubby (droopy?) cheeks. I have always been curious to what I can do to achieve a slimmer face. Im not considered "overweight" but... READ MORE

My cheeks make my under eyes bulge when i smile. Would Buccal Fat Removal solve this problem?

I never smile because of this, its awful! I kinda like my face without smiling, but when I smile I look horrible with that dark round shadow. I am... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Face? How can I fix my smile? (photo)

I'm not sure if its my nose shape, mouth, or cheek fat that makes me look really bad when I smile. Please give me feedback on how I can fix my smile.... READ MORE

What is this fat pocket and should I remove it? (Photo)

I've seen things about buccal fat removal but the procedure seems to remove fat from the upper cheek as well, and I like my full cheeks. It's just the... READ MORE

Would a chin implant provide a sharper jawline and more masculine appearance? (Photo)

I'm looking to for a solution to my round cheeks. I want a sharper jawline and a more defined look. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon and... READ MORE

Overall chubby face, a candidate for buccal fat removal? (photos)

Hi, I keep on trying to lose face fat but can't. I'm thin, and my arms are super thin, and it seems all my fat goes up to my face and stomach, why is... READ MORE

I have always had chubby cheeks. Am am I candidate for Buccal fat removal? (photos)

I am wondering if I am a candidate for buccal fat removal. I have always had chubby cheeks and my parents both have round faces. I am looking for more... READ MORE

Perioral Mound or Buccal Fat? Plus chin and jaw angle implant

I have been suffering this since my childhood. My perioral mound is very prominent and it looked cute when I was younger. I have always had a week jaw... READ MORE

Options for a heavy, jowly face with puffy cheeks? (photos)

I am only 20 years old and I have the appearance of heavy jowls and heavy cheeks- just a very undefined face in general. Even when I lose weight, the... READ MORE

Dimpleplasty & or Buccal Fat Removal. Which is the best for me? (Photo)

I have always had an extremely round face (photos attached). I would really like to get dimples, it runs in my family but the gene skipped me. I am... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for Perioral mound removal/buccal fat contouring to remove fat from lower half of my face? (Photo)

When younger I had a chiseled face despite having a lot of facial fat, I have found the fat now sits lower (particularly at corners of my mouth) and... READ MORE

I had my Buccal fat removal. Will it look alright if I lose weight? (photos)

I had my buccal fat removed because ever since I was 74kg, I've had fat build up in my face. I had the buccal fat pad removal which got rid of my... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of cheek fat pad removal? (photos)

I am thinking about getting cheek fat lad removal but I want to know pros and cons. My face is skinny and narrow. READ MORE

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