Permanent + Buccal Fat Removal

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Crooked Smile After Bichat Pad Removal, Is It Permanent Damage? (photo)

I did a removal of the bichat pads 8 months ago. Even after all this time, my smile is crooked. Greatly reduced the fat of the face, but the right... READ MORE

Overall chubby face, a candidate for buccal fat removal? (photos)

Hi, I keep on trying to lose face fat but can't. I'm thin, and my arms are super thin, and it seems all my fat goes up to my face and stomach, why is... READ MORE

Surgery to reduce size of mid face? Want permanent surgical changes.

I feel my mid face is too big as I have big wide cheekbones and very full cheeks. I'd like a slimmer bone structure and smaller cheekbones and a oval... READ MORE

My left side of my mouth feels numb? (Photo)

Hi doctors i recently had a jaw reduction as well as a buccal fat extraction. Inside my mouth my right side seems to feel very good swelling is going... READ MORE

Best way to reverse buccal fat removal?

Hello, I had my buccal fat pads removed 3 months ago and I hate the result. I'm trying to find a way to fix it permanently. I know fat injections are... READ MORE

Is there anyway to lose fat overall your face? (photo)

Hi, I keep on trying to lose face fat but can't. I'm thin, and my arms are super thin, and it seems all my fat goes up to my face and stomach, why is... READ MORE

Can Buccal Fat Be Used to Fill the Lips?

If i get buccal fat pad excision can that fat be used to make grafts for the lips? Also, is fat transfer to the lips permanent or its it just like a... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal vs. Jowl liposuction vs. Chin augmentation. What would be best in my case? (Photos)

Hi, I have chipmunk cheeks and wide face as well as sagging jowl. All that combined makes my lower face look very heavy. When I pull my skin up in the... READ MORE

20 year old female, Buccal fat removal questions. (photos)

Hello! I am a 110 lb, athletic 20 year old with quite the bottom heavy face. Genetically, this is the norm for my family (although arguably my... READ MORE

Is my smile just different because of buccal fat pad removal or should I be concerned that it's permanent? (Photo)

One week ago today I had a chin implant, liposuction under the chin and buccal fat pad removal. Now when I smile, my bottom lip practically covers all... READ MORE

Does Viora Reaction get rid of fat permanently?

I am wanting to get Viora to reduce fat in the face. I have had one treatment and didn't notice a change in my face yet. Already did buccal fat... READ MORE

What are safe alternatives to buccal fat removal/reduction for facial definition?

I'm 30 but I have a very heavy lower face due to a wide jaw, midface hypoplasia, thick skin & what I suspect to be big fat pads. As a result it... READ MORE

Which of the following procedures do you recommend - chin/neck lipo, buccal fat pad removal, chin augmentation? (Photos)

I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon regarding chin/neck lipo and she also suggested buccal fat pad removal and chin fillers (as I'm not... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for buccal fat removal? (photos)

Ever since I could remember I've hated the lower half of my cheeks. I feel it makes for an ugly smile, and even uglier photos, especially from a side... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend and in what sequence to address my heavy lower face and flat cheeks? (photos)

I am 31, look older & look tired. Met 4 well known facial PS, all agreed low cheek volume, got 1 sculptra, 2 juviderm and 3 kybella, with some... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for buccal fat removal? Looking to get rid of my chipmunk cheeks (Photos)

For a very long time now I have been wanting to get rid of excess fat in my lower cheeks. I believe it is hereditary as my father has them too. I am... READ MORE

Masseter reduction or buccal fat removal. Which would be most effective? (Photo)

In March 2014, I received botox for masseter reduction. My doctor put 20 units on each side, and i am extremely happy with the results. Is there a way... READ MORE

Pemanent method to remove fatness? Is this buccal fat pad? (Photo)

Sir really regarding this actuly sir i have one side incomplete smile line as compared to other side and that side seems to be fatty as compared to... READ MORE

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