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Revision Buccal Pad Removal, Is This A Normal Procedure?

About 2.5 months ago I had zygoma and jaw reduction in Korea. Part of the surgery was buccal fat removal. I asked the doctor to do it conservatively.... READ MORE

I've had buccal fat removed 1 day ago, is this amount of swelling normal? (Photo)

Yesterday I decided to have that procedure as well as neck liposuction. My doctor did not inform me that the extent of swelling would be this severe.... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal: a Month Post Op Later--have Some Discomfort, Normal?

I'm almost exactly a month post op, after 2 weeks my face looked normal, there was no pain and my external sutures fell off. It's felt like... READ MORE

Is this amount of swelling normal after buccal fat removal? (Photo)

2 days ago I decided to have buccal fat pad removal as well as neck liposuction. My doctor did not inform me that the extent of swelling would be this... READ MORE

When will buccal fat removal swelling down?

I had buccal fat removal surgery back in july, the doctor took about 3 minutes and he didnt even put stitches. I honestly thought he didnt take any of... READ MORE

Extremely swollen after buccal fat removal! Is it normal? (photo)

I had my buccal fat removed this past Monday, today is Friday and I am still swollen a lot, my left side is extremely swollen. I understand it is... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal, is this swelling normal? (Photos)

I had my surgery yesterday the doctor started with my right side he spent 45 min to find the fat and he had a lot of work in this side the left side... READ MORE

Is there anyway to lose fat overall your face? (photo)

Hi, I keep on trying to lose face fat but can't. I'm thin, and my arms are super thin, and it seems all my fat goes up to my face and stomach, why is... READ MORE

Is mild firmness/small painless lump felt along incision site on one side of cheek normal following buccal fat removal?

I posted a similar question about uneven swelling which is normal based on the answers. Now I feel very mild firmness and a small soft lump outside my... READ MORE

Should I have buccal fat removal? (Photos)

After pregnancy my face is chubbier than before even though I lost All the baby weight and I'm back to my normal size, one side seems bigger than the... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal and Acculift: no visible results. 3 months post-op.

Hi, I had Buccal Fat removal together with acculfit done on my jowls 3 months ago, I know that this procedure takes time before results can be seen,... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal 24-hours post-op from buccal fat removal? (Photo)

I'm now +24 hours post-op and the swelling has hardly subsided. I was not prepared by my doctor for this amount of swelling nor was personally... READ MORE

Is it normal or safe to leave a buccal removal incision open to heal?

I've contacted a doctor in regards to buccal fat removal , he was very thermal about the procedure and I hnderstood everything , the only concern that... READ MORE

When will my cheeks start looking normal again? (Photo)

I've just had buccal fat removal and neck look yesterday. And my face is so swollen, I literally look a chipmunk, I just want to know when I'll start... READ MORE

Sunken chin, deep lines and hyperpigmentation after buccal fat removal. Is it normal and can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had my buccal fat removed 5months ago im happy with the definition of my cheeks but my lower Face is rounded and very big i have aline running from... READ MORE

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