Masseter + Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal Fat Removal or Botox to Masseter? (photo)

I'm 28 years old and I'm 5'4 115 lbs. I have an appointment in 2 wks & I was curious what I should ask him to turn my round face into a more heart... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal or masseter muscle Botox? (photos)

I have always had a wide/big face, especially when I smile. Wanting a slimmer looking face, I have considered buccal fat removal or masseter muscle... READ MORE

Partial Buccal Fat removal or Face Lipo benefits? (photo)

I am planning on having my masseter muscle reduced (on one side) and jaw shaving to both sides of my jaws. I have facial fat and am wondering if I... READ MORE

Too much buccal fat or overdeveloped masseters? (Photo)

I have always had "fat" cheeks despite being very lean and athletic. People used to call me the Cabbage Patch Kid because of my cheeks, which has made... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal or masseter botox? (photos)

Hello Im 38 years old. I have always had a wide/big face when I smile only. Wanting a slimmer looking face, I have considered buccal fat removal or... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal or Masseter Muscle Reduction? Wanting a Slimmer Lower Face! (Photos) + Submalar Implants? (photos)

Which procedure would be best for me? I have a smooth bulge and a weak jawline. Can an enlarged masseter cause this “chubby“ look? I can def... READ MORE

A Bump Under my Ears? (photo)

So I have a bump right under my ears one is more obvious than the other and I asked a surgeon before and he said it was my massator muscle but I... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal vs. Jowl liposuction vs. Chin augmentation. What would be best in my case? (Photos)

Hi, I have chipmunk cheeks and wide face as well as sagging jowl. All that combined makes my lower face look very heavy. When I pull my skin up in the... READ MORE

Which procedure will achieve dramatic results?? (photos)

Ive seen hundreds of buccal fat removal before and afters and Id say about 10% actually show great results. I believe buccal removal with cheek... READ MORE

Why does my lower face look disproportionate? Is it an overdeveloped masseter muscle or is it buccal fat pad? (photos)

I am healthy and fit, with a height of 176cm and am 62kg. Is it possible to get a more streamlined and chiseled face? READ MORE

Should I consider buccal fat removal and/or masseter injections to reduce the appearance of my chubby cheeks? (Photos)

I avoid smiling at all costs due to insecurities surrounding my chubby cheeks! I would love some advice as to whether I should take the plunge and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for buccal fat removal? (Photo)

I always hated my chubby face. Have been getting Botox injections in my masseter for years now, & my surgeon has suggested buccal fat pad removal.... READ MORE

Jaw is painfully stiff on left side 2 weeks after buccal lipectomy. It hurts only if I open my mouth.

Should I be concerned? My right side feels completely fine. I can't open my mouth wide enough on the left side to even get a toothbrush in. I'm doing... READ MORE

Is there any slimming of face 3 months post-op? If no, is the surgery not successful, OR, there's too much swelling? (Photo)

On Sept 23, 2014, I had facial lipo of subcutaneous fat from cheeks, buccal fat, double chin, and also I had surgical masseter muscle reduction, and... READ MORE

Overly large lower face - masseter muscle or buccal fat? (photos)

Please help me, I hate my lower cheeks as they make my face look fat when actually I am well within the healthy weight range. READ MORE

Masseter reduction or buccal fat removal. Which would be most effective? (Photo)

In March 2014, I received botox for masseter reduction. My doctor put 20 units on each side, and i am extremely happy with the results. Is there a way... READ MORE

Where to inject fat to reverse a buccal fat removal?

The buccal fat pad occupies a space between the masseter muscle and its adjacent muscle, the buccinator muscle. Where would it be better to inject the... READ MORE

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