Masculine + Buccal Fat Removal

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21 Year Old Sick of Not Having a Masculine "Sexy" Face/smile? (photo)

FOR YEARS I have been one of those guys really worried about his looks. my dads face is chiseled/masc and my moms is soft & round. well, they had... READ MORE

Asian Guy 45 Cheek Implant, Will Buccal Fat Removal and Neck Lipo Give More Masculine Look? (photo)

Want a more masculine high cheek bone (sub-malar) implant, better jawline and sharper feature 1) sub-malar implant for forward protrusion rather... READ MORE

I Want a More Masculine Face? (photo)

What kind of procedures should I get to emulate this look? I was thinking: buccal fat removal, cheek and jaw implants, and lip reduction. If more... READ MORE

Would a chin implant provide a sharper jawline and more masculine appearance? (Photo)

I'm looking to for a solution to my round cheeks. I want a sharper jawline and a more defined look. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon and... READ MORE

I have a round face and want to get rid of the roundness/fullness of my face, I would like it to be more masculine? (Photos)

I have a very round face and have always been self-conscious about it as its not very masculine. I have postex a question earlier during the week but... READ MORE

Facial fat reduction or what is the recommendation? 23 yo male with really saggy face. (photos)

Since I remember I have had prominent nasabial folds and tear throughs. Years before they werent as saggy as today. I changed my lifestyle and I... READ MORE

What procedure is right for me? My chin is mildly recessive and with that my face holds a lot of excess fat (Photos)

My chin is mildly recessive and with that my face holds a lot of excess fat. I was told I should look into a silastic chin implant/advancement, but... READ MORE

How to get a more masculine bone structure in my face? I want the look of the guys in these photos. (photo)

So I'm considering getting a buccal fat removal. I am a bit weary as I already have a low bmi anyway so I'm not sure there is much fat to be extracted... READ MORE

Perioral mound liposuction? Buccal fat removal? Fillers?

I don't know if this is fat or muscle, discoloration or all three causing the buldging effect but I really hate how masculine it makes me look. What... READ MORE

Should I get buccal fat removal or facial liposuction in the areas next to my mouth? (Photo)

I specifically have a lot of face fat next to the corners of my mouth. From my understanding this is not the buccal fat area but the perioral fat... READ MORE

Can a poor-result buccal excision be fixed? (Photo)

I had a buccal excision done several years back that left me with a masculine, chiseled looking jawline (I am female). I deeply regret allowing the... READ MORE

Looking for further masculine definition. I'm feeling I still have a pretty "soft" face. (Photo)

Im looking for input on Tx's to sharpen/achieve a more masculine facial profile. I have already had a chin implant, neck lipo & some fat grafting to... READ MORE

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