Lips + Buccal Fat Removal

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Can Buccal Fat Pad Removal Help Correct Lines Around Lips?

Can buccal fat pad removal help correct parentheses lines around my lips or would it make it worse? I have heard that loss of fat causes these lines... READ MORE

I'm interested in buccal fat pad removal but want to know if it'll cause sagging skin

I have a rectangular face bc of the fat. My father has the same chipmunk cheeks. Sometimes my face just looks long and I worry about sagging skin.... READ MORE

What can I do about my chubby cheeks and face? (photos)

I'm a 22 yr old female who's always had chubby cheeks. When I smile I feel like my cheeks take over my whole face. From the picture, you can see that... READ MORE

Weakened around my lips after Buccal lipectomy. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had Buccal fat removal surgery on 3/22/16. Its only been 13 days and most of the swelling has already gone done, I never had an infection or... READ MORE

Can Buccal Fat Be Used to Fill the Lips?

If i get buccal fat pad excision can that fat be used to make grafts for the lips? Also, is fat transfer to the lips permanent or its it just like a... READ MORE

Can I please be awake whiling getting my buccal fat removed? Including a little lip under my chin (Photo)

I want a slimmer and more thinner face. I seen this video on YouTube where this girl was awake while she was getting her buccal fat removed in her... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal?

I have fullness not in lower cheek area but apples like on the front on between the nose and the lip... Imagine where you would paint little circles... READ MORE

What do you recommend to add definition, structure, and masculinity to my face?

I am looking for procedures or a group of procedures to enhance my facial structure. I'm looking for a more sculpted, defined, masculine face. My... READ MORE

Buccal fat and other procedures to fix my face? (photos)

I'm 21 years old and really upset with my weirdly shaped face. I feel like the area surrounding my lips and cheeks are flabby ans fat looking despite... READ MORE

What procedure can I have to get this removed? (Photo)

On the side of my lips I have protuberance that I really don't like. I know there's buccal fat pad removal but is it possible to remove a little or... READ MORE

Deep labiomental fold makes face look puffy and chin put back, what are my options?

There is an indentation between my lips and chin. My chin is prominent but looks put back since my lips potrude. I don't have mentalis strain or... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal + fillers cost in NYC + NYC/east coast doctor recommendation?

How much does it cost to get a my bucaal fat removed as well as a little amount of fillers in the cheeks and in the lips+ quite a liberal amount in... READ MORE

Would reducing my chubby cheeks and jowls be worth it? Would getting bigger lips work well? (Photos)

In selfies, I look fine to myself but whenever im caught on film or camera by someone else I can't help but hate how I look. It bothers me immensely... READ MORE

How long should you wait before doing lip fillers after buccal fat removal?

I know that you should wait about 8 weeks to do fillers for the cheekbones after buccal fat removal. However, I'm wondering if it is the same amount... READ MORE

Nearly 2 months since buccal fat reduction, top lip still enlarged and under eye cheek area is still puffy. Why is this?

Why would my top lip be swollen and under my eyes still puffy from buccal fat reduction done over 6 weeks ago? It still feels tight in this area... READ MORE

Does a Reduction in Cheek Fat Change the Shape of the Lips?

I've inherited an extensive amount of my father's buccal fat and, though I'm eighteen, I'm pretty sure they'll be with me for life... READ MORE

Can buccal fat be removed then used for fat grafting to soften nasolabial folds or make lips fuller?

I feel my nasolabial folds make my nose look bigger and was hoping to have fat transered to soften them rather than having to repeatively use dermal... READ MORE

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