Filler + Buccal Fat Removal

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How to get rid of chipmunk cheeks and create hollow cheeks/ model look? (photos)

I would like create that gaunt model look which include defined cheeks and chin. I went to a resident clinic and they do not do implants so my only... READ MORE

Botox for Jawline or Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

Im 25 years old and i have a really wide face and im not over weight which makes my head bigger than my body so i was considering the buccal fat... READ MORE

Will Buccal Fat Removal Help This Wrong Fat Injection? (photo)

I am skinny and have a jaunt-looking face, and was looking to fill up my cheeks. 4 yrs back I had fat injection The doctor injected into my cheek... READ MORE

Can a Buccal Fat Removal & Cheek Filler Be Done at Once?

I want to enhance my cheekbones, with Radiesse fillers, before switching to implants. I also want my face to look a bit thinner with moderate buccal... READ MORE

Should I Get Buccal Fat Pad Resection or Do I Just Need Fillers? (photo)

I have always had very chubby cheeks and I have 4 dimples (two on each side) that I have always hated and make me look very chubby and not attractive... READ MORE

Buccal fat pad reversal (at young age!) ?

I had buccal fat pad removal at 22, only three months ago. Now I am unhappy with the result. My cheeks does not look gaunt, but I want my old chees... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal, Laser Lipolysis or Jaw Fillers? (Photo)

I'm 27 yo, 5'6"/126 lbs, but have always had big cheeks. I'm considering a buccal fat reduction or laser lipo. I'm still not sure which procedure... READ MORE

What can a 19-year-old do about these lines and shadows around her mouth? (Photo)

I know that I am a generally attractive girl, which is why I hate this so much. I have shadows around my mouth like jowls, and when I smile I get... READ MORE

What can be done for facial fat each side of the nose?

I'm wondering what can be done for the large amount of fat on my "inner" cheeks, i.e. on each side of my nose. There is a lot of it and it creates... READ MORE

Will buccal fat removal or facial liposuction achieve the look I desire? (photos)

Hello , I hate my chubby round face. I desire a more angular jawline and thinner cheeks , kind of like Adriana Lima's...I notice that her face shape... READ MORE

Seeking more definition in my face. How can I achieve this? (photos)

Hello Dr. I was looking to have a a more defined face. I've tried radisse and juverdem on my jowls but the results dont last me a year. I was... READ MORE

Want opinions on how to achieve a more sculpted face. Buccal fat removal or filler? (photos)

I'm in my late twenties and I'm noticing that I feel the bulk weight of my face is around sides of my mouth and lower facial areas when looking at me... READ MORE

Fillers or buccal fat reduction for asymmetry? (photos)

Pronounced difference in fullness of cheeks - considering buccal fat reduction in fuller side, filler in flat side or combination of both. Have had... READ MORE

Asymmetric face. Buccal fat removal or filler for my cheek? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old. I love my left side & hate my right side- the cheek is chubbier, less defined & my dorsal hump is more prominent. When I look head... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal or Fillers? (photo)

I had an Ultheraphy procedure done that dissolved fat in my upper and middle cheek and in the area around my nose . The bottom part of my cheeks have... READ MORE

Buccal fat reversal. I have Restylane in one cheek. Can I still proceed or do I need to wait?

I went to a consult yesterday in regards to reversing my buccal fat removal. I really want to go through with this procedure. The doc yesterday says... READ MORE

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