Fat Pads + Buccal Fat Removal

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What is Best for Removing Baby Fat from Face, Buccal Removal or Malar Fat Pads Liposuction?

Hy Im 21 years old male. My cheeks are extremely fat like on a fat baby but the rest of my body is very fit.   My questions is, Is it babyfat... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Buccal fat removal, or are these jowls? 31 years old (photos)

I've had protruding fat pads around the lower half of my face, especially pronounced when I smile and more pronounced on my left side, ever since I... READ MORE

Can "Buccal Fat Pad" return after Buccal Fat Pad removal?

Hello.Doctor I’m 24 years old. I did Buccal Fat Pad removal so I want to know that my body can be back, build my Buccal Fat Pad or not? Because I am s... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Pad Removal + Malar Fat pad "Lift? (photos)

I am 22 years old and my face doesn't look defined at all, i do have a side that is more "puffy" then the other, and a hamster smile. With the buccal... READ MORE

Malar fat pad?

I had buccal fat removal and now I'm concerned about the consequences. Is it possible that the buccal fat removal will accelerate the malar fat pad... READ MORE

Interested in doing a Buccal Fat Pad reduction. Would this be a good option for me or would facial Liposuction be better?(photo)

I am slender and train almost every day (so I am in good shape) but always feel as though my cheecks are puffy and chipmunk like. Please advise. READ MORE

Buccal pad fat removal or large bones in cheeks?

I am 30 years old and would like to change my cheek area. I am not overweight and feel that my cheekbones are either very big or the cheek fat pad... READ MORE

Is it possible to partially remove fat from the right malar/buccal fat pad to be transferred to the left atrophic side? (photos)

I have been diagnosed as having mild right condylar hyperplasia by a maxillofacial surgeon. Based on the OMENS classification I suspect it is more... READ MORE

Fat pads around mouth...? (Photo)

I have these small fat pads around and under the corners of my mouth. I'm not sure if they're jowls, or what you would call them. I'm only 32, but I... READ MORE

Does Buccal Fat Pads Fall Down with Time? (photo)

My father and I have the same fat pads on the lower cheeks specially when we smile. I noticed his has gotten more noticeable with age but I am not... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of cheek fat pad removal? (photos)

I am thinking about getting cheek fat lad removal but I want to know pros and cons. My face is skinny and narrow. READ MORE

Possible to remove the Perioral Mound fat pad COMPELTELY?

Is it possible to remove the Perioral Mound fat pad completely, instead of having it liposuctioned? As in making an incision in the skin and removing it. READ MORE

Will cheek fat pad removal make Malar bags go away?

I've been thinking about getting cheek fat pad removal to make my cheeks life defined. Will it make my Malar bags go away? If not what do you... READ MORE

Is buccal fat and cheek fat pad the same thing?

Confused. If not then which one is better? Pros and cons of both. READ MORE

Inferior jowl fat removal and which fat pad of the cheek to remove? (photos)

I have had buccal fat pad removal twice, with the second time (8 months ago) being the most successful (quarter size fat pad removed). however, I have... READ MORE

Fat pad/ buccal fat pad pulled out of place on face. Any suggestions?

I have an extremely unique case. please everything i am telling you is accurate. i literally ripped all of the fat out from underneath my right eye.... READ MORE

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