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Jowl Liposuction or Buccal Fat Removal to Reduce Cheek Fat?

Hi Doctors, As I grew older and put on some weight, I noticed that my cheeks began to get bigger. I am considering some surgery but not sure if it... READ MORE

Excess Facial Fat/"baby" Face. What Are My Options To Get Rid Of Excess Facial Fat? (photo)

I'm 19 years old, 5'4 and 125 lbs. I am neither fat nor skinny, but have what many call a "baby face." How do I get rid of this... READ MORE

I'm an 18 year old guy but I still have a lot of fat on my face. My parents don't have fat faces so will I loose it soon?

I'm an 18 year old guy. I am 6 foot tall weight around 160 so pretty skinny but I still have a lot of fat on my face. My parents don't have fat faces... READ MORE

Can fat transfer be used to increase fat to buccal fat pad?

I had fat removed from buccal fat pad on both sides of my face. I think on one side I may have had too much removed. Can fat transfer procedure be... READ MORE

Are there any procedures that can reduce facial fat?

Are there any procedures that can reduce facial fat,since i have chubby cheeks,whenever i gain weight it seem to go there and other areas of my... READ MORE

Overfilled fat transfer?

I had buccal fat removal, which I regret. I asked my doctor to reverse it and he said he can do a fat transfer procedure to refill that area. However,... READ MORE

I'm 40 yo woman, 120lbs. I've always had fat in the facial cheeks that I don't like. What is best procedure to fix this? (photo)

And now, I feel they droop and make me look older. I dont like needles but I guess i would get them if best method. READ MORE

Procedure recommendation for slimming face? (photos)

Hi I'm a 22 yr old Asian mixed female. I've had this fat face all my life, no matter how fit/lean I got. I got this shape from my dad. I really want... READ MORE

To flat the sides of my mouth Buccal Fat Pad removal? Or Fat implants through the jaw line, cheekbone and cheeks? (photo)

I have always hated the shadows that I have surrounding my mouth, and I've always felt insecure about it. My dream is to have the sides of my mouth... READ MORE

Is the fat cheek removal procedure recommended for thin people? What do you think? (photos)

Hi! I'm Daniela, 26 years old, and I'm thinking on getting a fat cheeks removal, but I'm really Scared because I'm already thin and I don't have big... READ MORE

Can facial asymmetry be corrected after buccal fat pad removal? (photos)

In 12/13/2015 I went to Brazil for a rhinoplasty and chin implant, once I got there the doctor convinced me to have some of the fat on my left cheek... READ MORE

Protruding excess fat pocket on one side of mouth? Very uneven dimples/smile lines, what can be done to fix this?(18) (Photos)

The right side and left side of my mouth are so uneven especially when I smile, and it has caused me to become increasingly more and more insecure. It... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old with a fat face. Any suggestions?

I'm skinny and not over weight and I wonder what can I do to make my face slimmer?!! I want a slim face READ MORE

How can I remove excessive fat from my face? (Photo)

I have an excess lump of facial fat on the right side of my face, next to my mouth (picture). It has become really noticeable and when I take pictures... READ MORE

My face is puffy. How to fix it? (photos)

My face is very puffy around the mouth and inbetween the cheekbones and jawbones. I have tried to lose weight and i lost 8 pounds but my face did not... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for buccal fat removal? (photos)

I realise theres nothing very wrong with my face but I just think I would look so much better if my face were leaner and more chisseled looking. I... READ MORE

Why is my face fatter on one side and how can I get rid of the extra fat? (photos)

I want to know how to even my face out, I've seen X-rays of my skull and it is even, but when it comes to My face there is one side fatter than the... READ MORE

Does buccal fat removal cause sagging?

I'm 25 and will be getting the procedure this year as I'm a low weight but my face is unusually fat and chipmunk-y in the lower portion. I want my... READ MORE

What kind of surgery will slim down my face? (photos)

My face looks really fat despite my weight. I wanna have a really thin looking face like Angelina Jolie or something. I heard that she had a surgery... READ MORE

Can my butt be reconstructed, if you remove all the bad injected silicone? (photos)

I had bad but injection, presently all the silicone is removed, I have a skin graft on my butt, can fat and skin from my stomach be used to fix my... READ MORE

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