Doctor Referral + Buccal Fat Removal

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Doctor Recommendations for Buccal Fat Removal with Local Anesthesia Only?

I live in California. So, I am looking for a Dr. that performs Buccal fat extraction with local anesthesia only. I saw it done before (youtube) and am... READ MORE

Nyc Buccal Fat Removal

Hello, I'm looking for an affordable and good plastic surgeon who could perform a buccal fat reoval and who is familiar with this technique. Does... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Buccal Fat Removal with Local Anesthesia in Los Angeles

I recently had a consultation with a plastic surgeon about a Buccal Fat removal. The thing that I liked the most about the procedure he described was... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Buccal Fat Removal in Las Vegas

I'm considering buccal fat removal if not facial lipo in Las Vegas. I have hard time finding plastic surgeon who has experiences in cheek fat... READ MORE

Reputable Surgeon in Los Angeles CA for Buccal Fat Removal?

Hi everyone, I have been searching and searching for a reputable plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to perform a buccal fat removal. I need advice on a... READ MORE

Who is the Best Doctor to Perform Buccal Fat Removal and Neck Lipo?

I want to get buccal fat removal and neck lipo for double chin. I am searching for the best doctor to perform this surgery. distance is not a problem.... READ MORE

Looking for a facial surgeon in Toronto who specialises in buccal fat removal.

Hello i want to have a buccal fat removal procedure done. I am looking for a surgeon in toronto who specialise in that area. Please let me know the... READ MORE

Should I get a buccal fat removal with my rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I would like for my nose to be more defined and smaller with an angle. However, my face is quite big and I don't know if getting a rhinoplasty would... READ MORE

I have a large cheeks and I'm in good health. Chubby cheeks runs in our family. Am I a good candidate for buccal fat removal?

What doctor is highly qualified for thispl procedure?? I also want my acne scars removed if possible along with this procedure how much would this cost? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for fat pad removal? I am looking for an experienced doctor in Fort Lauderdale (Photo)

I am 26 years old. I am slim and at my ideal weight. I am wondering whether I would be a good candidate for Buccal fat removal. My cheeks are genetic... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal in Sydney

How much does it cost and can anyone recommend a doctor. Thank you READ MORE

Buccal fat pad removal/define jawline? (Photo)

About a year ago I had liposuction to the jaw and I lost my jawline can this be corrected by fat grafting, I'm only 33 years old don't thing I need a... READ MORE

Am I a right candidate for Buccal fat remove op? (photo)

I'm not sure but i think that i need to do buccal fat remove I right? but i'm affraid that my lower cheek maybe sag down.please help me.and also... READ MORE

Buccal fat reversal in the NYC area?

Is there any doctor in the nyc area that has performed a buccal fat reversal? I am desperately searching as i would love to fix my problem. A... READ MORE

Is there any doctor in sydney that is an expert in buccal fat removal? I can't seem to find someone. (photos)

Would my face benefit from it? I just scared about the risks of sunken cheeks and ageing but I was told that it doesn't make that much of a difference... READ MORE

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