Chipmunk Cheeks + Buccal Fat Removal

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Should I Get Jowl Liposuction or Buccal Fat Removal to Reduce the Unwanted Fat & Sagging? (photo)

Hi Doctors, I'm an Asian in my mid-30s and have noticed my Chipmunck cheeks (circled in yellow) are getting more visible. Which procedure would help?... READ MORE

How to get rid of chipmunk cheeks and create hollow cheeks/ model look? (photos)

I would like create that gaunt model look which include defined cheeks and chin. I went to a resident clinic and they do not do implants so my only... READ MORE

What is the safest way to get rid of my fat, "chipmunk" cheeks? (photos)

I am a 24 year old skinny girl with very chubby cheeks. As an aspiring actress, I get rejected for roles because my cheeks appear very swollen and... READ MORE

I'm interested in buccal fat pad removal but want to know if it'll cause sagging skin

I have a rectangular face bc of the fat. My father has the same chipmunk cheeks. Sometimes my face just looks long and I worry about sagging skin.... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal for me? (Photo)

Hi. Would like to ask if buccal fat removal is for me. I am from a family of fat cheeks. Both my mom and dad still both have chipmunk cheek both 50age... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for buccal fat pads removal? I'm 27 yrs old, slim body 100lbs, but chubby cheeks and round face (Photo)

My face is very unsymmetrical- left jaw and cheek is bigger and more square. My cheeks are too high and fatten; and when not smiling, my lower cheeks... READ MORE

Acculift or Buccal Fat removal? (photos)

First, I am fron a family of overly chubby cheeks. My mom and dad both 50s have chubby droopy chimpmunk cheeks. I weigh 55kg for my 5ft 1inch height... READ MORE

Help with round Face and chipmunk cheeks. Any suggestions? (photo)

Hi Doctors, I have always been really self-concsious about the way my face are formed and because of my fat cheeks. Even though the rest of my body is... READ MORE

I am 27, I have chipmunk cheeks and and very unhappy with my profile and the mouth and nose area of my mouth. (photos)

Am I a good candidate for buccal fat removal and what other enhancements would be appropriate to enhance my facial profile. I am tired of wearing tons... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate to get a Buccal fat pad removal? I have chipmunks cheeks. I was born with them (Photo)

I would really like to get this surgery to have more structure to my face. Do you think I will have more structure if I get this done. READ MORE

Buccal fat removal vs. Jowl liposuction vs. Chin augmentation. What would be best in my case? (Photos)

Hi, I have chipmunk cheeks and wide face as well as sagging jowl. All that combined makes my lower face look very heavy. When I pull my skin up in the... READ MORE

Would I be the right candidate for Buccle Fat Removal? (Photos)

Hi there, I am a 24 year old, 100lb female with the cheeks of an 8 year old chipmunk! This trait runs in my family but mine are probably worse than my... READ MORE

Interested in doing a Buccal Fat Pad reduction. Would this be a good option for me or would facial Liposuction be better?(photo)

I am slender and train almost every day (so I am in good shape) but always feel as though my cheecks are puffy and chipmunk like. Please advise. READ MORE

Sucking in Chipmunk Cheeks. Already Had Jawline Surgery

I've already had jawline shaving and botox in my jaw. I'd like achieve the heartshaped face by sucking in my chipmunk cheeks. Could you recommend a... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Excision, is This Right for Me? (photo)

I am 29 now but My face has always been chubby and round and I am considering Buccal Fat Excision. Is this the right procedure for me? Thank you. READ MORE

Does buccal fat removal cause sagging?

I'm 25 and will be getting the procedure this year as I'm a low weight but my face is unusually fat and chipmunk-y in the lower portion. I want my... READ MORE

When will my cheeks start looking normal again? (Photo)

I've just had buccal fat removal and neck look yesterday. And my face is so swollen, I literally look a chipmunk, I just want to know when I'll start... READ MORE

I want Buccal Fat Removal. Am I a good candidate for this? (Photo)

I'm in my early 20'd and have pretty much always had big lower cheeks (chipmunk looking). I am also pretty sure that this is due to genetics... READ MORE

Noninvasive version of buccal/cheek fat removal?

I am 18 with very full cheeks. "baby/chipmunk face" I'd like buccal fat removal but I can't afford it yet. Since there are now lasers that claim they... READ MORE

I am considering buccal fat removal because I have chipmunk cheeks. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have attached photos smiling and not smiling. My mother also has large cheeks but now she looks like droopy. I fear that might happen to me because... READ MORE

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