5 Ft 0 In To 5 Ft 3 In + Buccal Fat Removal

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How Can I Acheive More Defined Cheeks and Get Rid of Lower Cheek Fat? (photo)

I'm almost 24 and I have such fat saggy lower cheeks around my mouth. When I'm not smiling it just looks like a permanent frown. I'm 5'3 and weigh... READ MORE

Can I get rid of extra buccal fat without surgery? (Photo)

I'm 17, 5'1, and 100 lbs. I have extra fat around my mouth that looks like it may be extra buccal fat. I have been considering ultherapy but I'm still... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal? or is There Any Better Alternatives to Slim The Face? (photo)

I am 19 years old, 5'2, 100lbs, I have had 3 botox treatments for masseter muscles in the past and planning to get another treatment in August, but I... READ MORE

What can I do about my chubby cheeks and face? (photos)

I'm a 22 yr old female who's always had chubby cheeks. When I smile I feel like my cheeks take over my whole face. From the picture, you can see that... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Buccal Fat Pad Removal? (photos)

My family has a history of baby faces due to the round face and chubby cheeks. I'm 22yrs old 5'2 and weigh 110 lbs. Looking at my pictures do you... READ MORE

I want slim cheeks and a v-shape face... Help! (Photo)

I'm 23yo, 5'2" & 110lb Asian female. I'm am petite and in very good shape. My only issue is my cheeks! I have very full, chubby, and slightly droopy... READ MORE

Because I Have Hypothyroidism, Would Getting the Fat Buccal Pads Removed Make a Major Difference? (photo)

5'1 1/2 yr old female with Hypothroidism and menopause. i've gone from 125lbs in 2005 to 145 in 2013. I am not perfect in my diet but doing my best to... READ MORE

How can I get my chubby face to look skinnier or more narrow? (photos)

I'm an athletic person, and I consider myself healthy and "skinny". I'm 5'3 and weigh about 110lbs. However, I've been struggling with fat in my face... READ MORE

Acculift or Buccal Fat removal? (photos)

First, I am fron a family of overly chubby cheeks. My mom and dad both 50s have chubby droopy chimpmunk cheeks. I weigh 55kg for my 5ft 1inch height... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for buccal fat pads removal? Is there another nonsurgical & lasting way to achieve a slimmer face? (Photo)

I'm 5ft 3 and i fluctuate between 105-110lbs even when I work out hard i can't lose weight much below 105 and my face doesn't change. I would like to... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal for a defined heart shaped face? (Photo)

I have very chubby cheecks even when i have been very skinny and my whole family has chubby cheecks so its just genetic. One year ego i had a chin... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal in Los Angeles and Las Vegas? (photos)

I'm a 25 year old female looking to have the Buccal fat removed. I'm looking to get an ogee shape. I've done extensive research and will now like to... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Buccal fat removal? Or more likely a mandibular surgery? (Photos)

I understand the potential for a gauntness as I age, and I feel with the overall fullness of my face I may not be an ideal candidate. I am 5'3,... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for buccal fat removal? (Photo)

Hi! I'm a 30 year old new (ish) mother. I recently had a filler done in my cheeks by a amazing surgeon in nyc. My hope was it would help my "sad"... READ MORE

What are my options for a slimmer more narrow face? (Photo)

I have a extremely wide, round AND square face. It is especially wide around my eyes. Along with a lot of subcanteous fat in the upper cheek and... READ MORE

What are some options to achieve a slimmer heart shaped face and defined jawline? (photos)

I have always had chubby "chipmunk" cheeks. I'm 5'0" 120lbs and even when I was 107lbs I still had chubby cheeks. I am considering buccal fat removal... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old and my face is very round and fat. How do I lose facial fat, and make my face slimmer? (photo)

Hi! When I smile, deep creases form on the sides of my mouth and nose. It also makes my cheeks puff out. My face has literally been the same size... READ MORE

I am a 18-year-old: 5'3" tall at 129 pounds. Would I Be a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

Would I be a good candidate for buccal fat removal? I am a 18-year-old: 5'3" tall at 129 pounds. I am seeking options to slim my lower face. Please... READ MORE

Confused between buccal fat removal, liposuction, & jaw reduction surgery and the price. Any ideas? (photos)

Female 5.1' 46 kg but because of my round face and bulky cheeks I look very fat and also whatever I eat shows first on my cheeks and it is... READ MORE

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