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Permanent Solution for Forehead and Eye Wrinkles?

My husband is in his late 30s and has severe wrinkles around his eyes and forehead. He is very expressive and his wrinkles are getting bad so quickly... READ MORE

Brow Lift /or Temple Lift - What is the Best for Me?

Hello im 27 years old,and I had uper eyelid surgery 6 mouths ago.Im very happy but i think i still have some sad eyes..So some doctors say... 1-... READ MORE

Expectations of Brow Lift to Reduce Frown Lines?

What are the most likely desirable outcomes of a brow lift when trying to minimize frown lines? How often does the procedure need to be repeated? READ MORE

Endoscopic or Full Forehead Surgery to Lift Eyelids?

Is endoscopic or full ear to ear forehead surgery the best choice to lift the eyelids? I have no forehead wrinkles but skin over (outside) of brow... READ MORE

Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery For Sagging Eyes And Forehead Lines? (photo)

My left eye sags, especially when I smile. Also there are deep lines in my forehead, because I constantly feel the need to raise my eyebrows. READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op, full Smas Face Lift, Browlift, upper and Lower Lids. Unhappy, Is This My Final Result?

My forehead still has all the same wrinkles,,between the brow also. i dont see my brow any higher then before.also my jowl lines are back. im so... READ MORE

Endoscopic Brow lift. Which is best, 3 or 5 incisions to reduce crows feet?

I have decided to undergo an endoscopic brow lift in order to elevate my eyebrows, flatten out horizontal forehead wrinkles and to reduce crows feet.... READ MORE

Can an endoscopic brow lift be done with only one 1" incision in middle behind hairline? (photos)

My surgeon suggested I receive upper and lower blepharoplasty combined with an endoscopic forehead lift. Do you agree? He said, I will only have one... READ MORE

I'm a 21 year old female. Lateral Brow Lift and/or Upper Blephroplasty? (photo)

 All my life I've been conscious about my 'wrinkly' eyelids to the appearance of extra creases and apparently low set eyebrows. This gives me an... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Brow Lift to Eliminate Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles/crease, Without Necessarily Raising the Eyebrows?

27 yr old male. Born with "sad eyes" (heavy upper eyelid) constantly raise my eyebrows while conversating otherwise, I appear tired or angry. I have a... READ MORE

Lifting options for low set brows? (Photo)

Hello! I'm in my early 30s and have very low set straight brows. I've noted recently that I'm developing wrinkles over my brows, especially the left... READ MORE

Should young person get a brow lift? (Photo)

I'm 18 and have very low eyebrows when I relax my brow muscles, giving me a very unnattractive and angry look. Because of this I constantly have my... READ MORE

Instead of getting Botox every 3 months, should I get the Eyebrow Lift for my wrinkles ?

Instead of getting Botox every 3 months, should I get the Eyebrow Lift for my wrinkles (the 11's between the eyebrows) so it will become permanent and... READ MORE

Do you think I would do okay with a direct brow lift? (photos)

As you can see from my pic I have pytosis of my eyelids making me look angry and tired most of the time. I am constantly lifting brows, hence wrinkles... READ MORE

Temporal brow lift vs Coronal lift?

Temporal sounds good to reduce crows feet and heighten the lateral brow. Also like it bc of the recovery time . But I also see forehead wrinkles that... READ MORE

I want to know what procedures I need to look refreshed? I'm in my 70s. (photos)

I had a facelift in 1983 along with fat pads removed from lower eyes. Later I had a coronal, my upper lids done and co2 on around my mouth and chin.... READ MORE

11's returning after brow lift?

I had a brow lift approx two months ago and my plastic surgeon said I would no longer have to get Botox for my 11's as he did something to a muscle... READ MORE

I'm 18. Am I too young for an eyebrow lift? I've noticed over the years that if I don't raise my eyebrows I look mean (Photo)

Look very mean and upset. I raise them in every photo and now it almost looks excessive, like I'm trying to hard to open my eyes. There's a small... READ MORE

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