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How Long is the Recovery from Brow Lift?

I am getting a Brow lift in 2 weeks and I am wondering how long the recovery is? How much pain will I be in after the procedure and how safe is it? READ MORE

Bruising After Bilateral Lateral Brow Lift

Hi there, I had a bilateral lateral brow lift yesterday afternoon (the 18th of July) and have noticed deep purple bruising around my left eye (quite a... READ MORE

Direct Brow Lift?

I had an upper eyelid lift about 12 years ago. I went for a consultation, and the surgeon said the skin above my eye is too thin,so I can't have... READ MORE

How Long Is The Recovery Time For The "Lateral" Brow Lift?

Would like an idea how long the swelling/bruising of a Lateral Brow Lift might be? READ MORE

Why Won't Brow Lift Incision Completely Heal?

The incision goes from temple to temple along the hairline. One side at the temple oozes a slight amt of serosanguinous fluid daily. Some area of the... READ MORE

Botox After Browlift?

The browlift I had a couple of months ago did not raise the outer corners of my eyebrow. I am guessing I would have seen this effect by now. How long... READ MORE

How Long for Eyebrows to Settle into Place After Brow Bossing? (photo)

I had brow bossing and a brow lift exactly one month ago. My forehead is still healing and a little swollen. I'm pleased with my new look.... READ MORE

Brow Lift Anchors Did Not Hold - What Treatments Will Remedy the Loose Skin?

Doctor says forehead anchor points after coronal brow lift didn't hold. Now eyes are too close to brow & have a "mean look, w/ eye... READ MORE

Can a Coronal Brow Lift and Lower Eye Lift Change the Position of the Cheeks and Temporal Area?

Does a lower eye lift raise the lower existing skin below the eye? can it change the shape of the eyes or lift the outer ends? working at the coronal... READ MORE

If One Wants to Have a Brow Lift, How Long Does One Have to Stay off Botox?

I've been getting forehead Botox. Also, the nurse has been elevating one of the eyebrows with Botox, which droops more than the other. I would... READ MORE

Waxing Brows After Endoscopic Brow Lift or After Screw Removal?

How long should I wait to get my eyebrows waxed after my endoscopic brow lift or after screw removal (6 weeks) ? READ MORE

What is better to do first? Brow lift or lip lift?

If someone wants to go on brow lift and lip lift (bullhorn)..What procedure is better to done at first, than some months second one after that..I know... READ MORE

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