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How Long to Wait After Botox to Have Brow Lift?

I'm planning on having a facelift/browlift later this year. Given uncertainty as to when I can take time off from work for surgery, yesterday I... READ MORE

How Long Does One Typically Have to Wait After a Coronal Brow to Have Other Surgical Procedures

How Long Does One Typically Have to Wait After a Coronal Brow to Have Other Surgical Procedures READ MORE

How long before revision brow lift? (Photo)

Aproximately 17 years ago I had a facelift with coronal eyebrow lift performed in Madrid (SPAIN) by Dr. José Vilar Sancho with beautiful results. 6 ... READ MORE

How long should I wait after brow lift to get a IPL photofacial and color my hair?

I'm getting a open brow lift soon and thinking of getting IPL photofacial to treat my sun damage. I'm wondering how long should I wait to get a... READ MORE

Wanting to have different procedures done over a period of time. Is it safe?

There are several plastic surgery procedures that I wanted to have so contacted a board certified plastic surgeon in my area.i started with... READ MORE

How long should I wait between surgeries and which should come first?

I will be getting an endoscopic brow lift and rhinoplasty, but with two different doctors. Does it matter which surgery is first? For instance, if I... READ MORE

Cleaning direct brow lift incisions - 1 day post-op (photos)

I had a direct brow lift yesterday. Can you tell me how long I should wait before cleaning the incisions and is it best to use just warm water? Also... READ MORE

How soon after weaning from breastfeeding can a Breast lift be performed if augmentation is to follow?

I need to have a breastlift and augmentation done in 2 surgeries. My issue is I want both surgeries done for my end February wedding. Im currently... READ MORE

Will recent Sialoadenectomy scar effect SMAZ Brow Lift?

I had a recent sialoadenectomy (Dec 28,2016)- the scar is lower on my neck than typical and there is residual subcutaneous thickening and scabbing of... READ MORE

When can I style my hair (straighten, curl, blow dry, etc) after scalp advancement? When can I brush my hair normally?

I have thick curls that i am always used to straightening it, but now i am about 3 weeks after surgery with heavy curls that i would like to... READ MORE

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