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How is a Temporal Brow Lift Different from Other Lift Methods?

Why would doctors recommend a temporal brow lift for some patients? READ MORE

Brow Lift /or Temple Lift - What is the Best for Me?

Hello im 27 years old,and I had uper eyelid surgery 6 mouths ago.Im very happy but i think i still have some sad eyes..So some doctors say... 1-... READ MORE

Why Won't Brow Lift Incision Completely Heal?

The incision goes from temple to temple along the hairline. One side at the temple oozes a slight amt of serosanguinous fluid daily. Some area of the... READ MORE

Temporal Browlift Better Choice for Lateral Hooding? I Do Not Want Scars in Crows Feet

Temporal Browlift Better Choice for Lateral Hooding? I Do Not Want Scars in Crows Feet READ MORE

Best Surgical Approach to Lower Left Eyebrow?

Is a temporal lift sufficient usually to fix a left eyebrow that's lower than the right? An older doctor said a coronal is needed (though i'd... READ MORE

Non Invasive Options For a Temple Lift?

Hello. I just turned 23 years old. I know this seems a bit young for an eyebrow lift of any sort. Well My brows kind of droop downwards and it gives... READ MORE

Can this pain be nerve pain? Throbbing/tight/strange sensation to right side of head and temple area after brow lift.

5 wks post brow lift. I initially had a swollen knot on forehead that has improved. Daily I have a constant tight feeling to right side of head with a... READ MORE

Is temple lift right for me? (photos)

I am 32 years old. I started noticing that the skin on my face is not as elastic as it used to be-the jawline and the eyes are not as defined. Also, I... READ MORE

I Am Experiencing Severe Headaches in my Temples After a Lateral Brow Lift. It Has Been Ten Days and the Headaches Are Steady?

I started having the headaches after I stopped taking the pain killers. It is a steady pounding pain on each side of my face. Is this an normal... READ MORE

Im 32 Years Old Im Considering Temple Lift is That Good for my Age

Im 32 years old im considering temple lift is that good for my age? my brow tale is bit low what are best options to fix it READ MORE

What type of specialist doctors would be the most knowledgeable in the brow eye area for a lateral temple lift?

I have a high forehead and do not want a brow lift I have been to ENT,.Cosmetic Plastic surgeons and recontructive surgeons, snd have bern given this... READ MORE

Heavy, strong, low brow. Will an endoscopic brow lift help?

I went in bc I had wanted botox - for the lines a little that are forming & to raise my brows. Doc's response: My issue is that my brows are heavy &... READ MORE

Can I have a brow lift without removing the Juvederm Voluma I had injected in my temples two months ago?

Two months ago I had Juvederm Voluma injected in my Temples. It hasn't given, for me the improvement I wanted. Can I go ahead and have a subperiosteal... READ MORE

What is the cost, recovery time ,and how long do results last with a temple lift? ( only the tail of the eyebrow). (photo)

I do not want an upper eyelid surgery or use any more Botox. My problem is that I have some hooding over my upper lids and outer corners of my eyes... READ MORE

Can I have a brow lift after remove fat from forehead and temple?

I had remove fat from my fore head and temple( I had fat inject all of my face 2year ago). After remove fat from forehead my skin down and my eyes... READ MORE

Lateral brow lift on one side due to one sagging eyebrow. Any suggestions?

My doctor will do a cut in the temple ( around 4-5 cm) and then correct my eyebrow a couple of centimeters. How long is the recovery? How long will... READ MORE

Hairline Advancement (Reverse Browlift) (Photo)

I'm a 37 year old female, who visited a plastic surgeon about doing a hair transplant, since my temples show recession, due to a family history of... READ MORE

I had a hairline lift 15 years ago, and the crown filament has broke off last week.

I can feel the whole brow pulling down, with tingling at hairline/incision area, temples and corners of the eyes---and my eyelids have disappeared! Is... READ MORE

Lateral brow bone augmentation - brow sinks in.

Is there anyway to augment the bone under the lateral part of the eyebrows? ive already had temporal augmentation but i find the tail of my brown... READ MORE

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