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What is the Difference Between Temporal or Lateral Browlift Incisions?

Where exactly are the incisions for a temporal or lateral browlift placed? Is it usually accomplished with an endoscope or is there an effective, less... READ MORE

How Long Is The Recovery Time For The "Lateral" Brow Lift?

Would like an idea how long the swelling/bruising of a Lateral Brow Lift might be? READ MORE

Lift the Lateral Brow with a Peri-temporal Trichophytic Brow Lift?

I can't find anyone who does this. Why? I have a high forehead. My brows are in an excellent position medial however. It is just the lateral brows... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a "Brow Lift" That Just Snips the Forehead Muscles but Doesn't Lift the Skin?

I understand that brow lifts pretty much consists of 1) snipping certain muscles in forehead to prevent continued forehead wrinkles and 2) lifting the... READ MORE

Is a Full Browlift Better Than a Lateral for an Even Lift All Over?

I would like to have my brow lifted slightly i am 43 years old and feel that my eyes are losing the bright sparkle they once had, my surgeon... READ MORE

Endoscopic or Full Forehead Surgery to Lift Eyelids?

Is endoscopic or full ear to ear forehead surgery the best choice to lift the eyelids? I have no forehead wrinkles but skin over (outside) of brow... READ MORE

How is a Lateral Browlift Different from an Encoscopic Brow Lift?

Two doctors reference a Limited Incisison Lateral Browlift. How is that different from a endoscopic brow lift? And is that different from a temporal... READ MORE

How Can I Hide That I've Had Surgery After Browlift?

Hi. If I was to get a coronal-type browlift, how hard would it be for me to hide that fact, including stitches, postop? I know I'd have a... READ MORE

What Type of Brow Lift Will Rid of Transverse Lines and Horizontal Lines Between Eyes, Lift Brows and Upper Lids?

I had a temperol brow lift, I believe as there is one incision in each temperol area inside the hair line. what will this technique accomplish? It did... READ MORE

Is there a Brow Lift That Suspends the Brow by Drilling into the Bone?

Have you ever heard of a brow lift where the brow is suspended by drilling into the underlying bone? I would like a lateral brow lift from a temporal... READ MORE

Transpalpebral Brow Lift During Blephaplasty

(Female/47) Two years ago, I had a mid-face and neck lift along with excision of xanthalasma, around the inner upper/lower orbital area, with good... READ MORE

24 Year Old with Deep Furrow Lines. What Type of Brow Lift? (photo)

Bothered by my brow-now! I'm definitely not looking to get rid of them completely. I think to certain degree they can be attractive in a James Dean... READ MORE

My Doc Suggested Brow Crease to Brow Crease Removal For My Lift- What Are Your Thoughts On This Method?

Since the incision is made along the brow wrinke he said that the wound will be in comression and the scar will not be very noticable. I am nervous... READ MORE

Least Invasive Brow Lift Methods?

Hello! I'm interested in different brow lift techniques that are the least invasive and suitable for a 23 year old female. I think in particular my... READ MORE

When Doing a Coronal Brow Lift, What Areas of the Temperol Mid and Lower Face Can Be Manipulated Via This Route?

My surgeon told me I may not need a revision face lift as he thinks the coronal lift will cause my face to shift and rearrange itself to address areas... READ MORE

Unfavorable Side Effects with Ultratine Endo Brow. What's Your Opinion?

My plastic surgeon uses Ultratine for endo brow lift. I've read some bad reviews with this product and makes me uneasy about the possible side... READ MORE

What Type of Brow Lift (If Any at All) is Recommended for Me?

Im 30 year old female & have deep horizontal furrows in forehead, 11's between eyebrows, & 1 eyebrow assymetrically drooping caused by a... READ MORE

What's the best browlift for my condition?

What's the best browlift for a young that already has a high hairline, and low brows(inherited unfortunately :/) with thin forehead skin and hooded... READ MORE

New Technique for Paralyzed Frontalis Nerve?

Anyone know if this technique would work for paralyzed frontalis nerve from brow lift? It's been 2 years, brows are grossly asymmetrical. Botox evens... READ MORE

Can brow bone reduction and brow lift be done using the coronal incision technique and still get great results?

Im planning on getting brow bone reduction & brow lift but do not want the incision made on my hairline because I want to get a hair transplant to... READ MORE

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