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Can a Browlift Stretch the Forehead Skin to Minimize Acne Scarring Not Helped by Prior Laser Treatments and Dermabrasion??

I am 45 with no sun damage to my skin, however I have bad acne scars on my forehead. I have had dermabrasion when I was 25, followed by two CO2 laser... READ MORE

Should Skin on Nose and Forehead Stretch out and Seperate from Underlying Structure After Brow Lift? (photo)

I had a browlift 3 days ago. The ps held it up with inch & 1/2 long staples on either side of my forhead--cross between a coronal and a lateral... READ MORE

Will my forehead relax and brows settle after temporal brow lift?

I had a temporal brow lift 13 days ago and I am so disappointed. My eyes look unnatural and my skin looks stretched. Do I have any hope? I have ridges... READ MORE

Reverse browlift? (Photos)

I had end browlift years ago. It makes me look surprised looking. the brows stretch the soft tissue too much that my my outher upper eyelids are too... READ MORE

What can be done to fix the indented stretched scars and bald spots from browlift? (Photos)

Hi, I had browlift with internal sutures 7 months ago. I have two scars, bald patches which are indented in my scalp. They dip inward and are really... READ MORE

Can a brow lift help with certain medical conditions?

I started experiencing fatigue around my inner central brows esp, it feels like something weighing down so i often have to lift up my brows, forehead... READ MORE

Why is my brow lift "sagging" already? How can I fix it? (photos)

A few months ago, I had a brow lift. Right after I got he bandage removed, I was beyond thrilled with the results. Just few weeks later, however, the... READ MORE

I'm 36 & had a coronal brow lift 10 days ago. I wanted my eyebrows raised just a bit & forehead shortened. Can it be reversed?

My face looks wind blown, my eyes look Chinese and my eyebrows are ridiculously high. I look like I've had a face lift. I've read it takes time for a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a brow lift or a blepharoplasty? Which treatment could be effective for me? (Photos)

Hello everyone! Due to a genetic predisposition towards droopy eyelids in my family, my eyes make me look tired. As im only 23 years old, i don't know... READ MORE

Can pulling downward on forehead lower my overlifted eye brows? 2 years post-op.

Had coronoal browlift 2 years ago and for my tastes eyebrows too high. Is it useful to engage in a daily regime of pulling on my forehead? Will this... READ MORE

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