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Direct Brow Lift for Excess Skin After Eyelid Surgery?

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty six months ago and there is still a little sagging of the skin on the upper eyelid. I think I need a direct... READ MORE

Will Brow Lift Help Asian Eyes Pop out More?

Thank you for your replies to my previous post. I'm in the impression that my surgeon is getting me to have a Brow lift. She explained a small cuts... READ MORE

Browlift or Blepharoplasty for Droopy Asian Eyes?

I'm a 33 yr old Chinese woman and born with droopy eyes. I've always looked fatigued due to the skin on my eyes and I'm considering to have my eyes... READ MORE

Is Brow Lift the Only Option for Deflated Eyelids?

One year ago, I had fat removed from the upper eyelid. Now, the skin has deflatted and my eyes look like they have excess skin. My doctor said a Brow... READ MORE

Can a brow lift or forehead lift also lift your facial skin?

When I lift my forehead skin between my eyebrows it's also lifts my cheeks slightly the cheeks skin close to your nose. It pulls the cheeks skin very... READ MORE

Brow skin wrapping around the eye? (Photo)

As you can see in the photo, it looks like the right brow skin wraps around my eye and ends past the corner of my eye. The brow also looks heavy. Can... READ MORE

I want to know what procedures I need to look refreshed? I'm in my 70s. (photos)

I had a facelift in 1983 along with fat pads removed from lower eyes. Later I had a coronal, my upper lids done and co2 on around my mouth and chin.... READ MORE

Can a brow lift be done by removing skin hidden within the scalp or temporarily be done using fillers to pull skin up? (photo)

35 with hooded eyes, botox didn't work. I get comments from strangers telling me to "not look so glum". I work in surgery and see surgeries done to... READ MORE

Facial rejuvenation with an ablative Fraxel laser, can/should I do that first before brow lift and eyelid surgery? (Photos)

The thing I'd like to improve first and foremost is skin texture, fine wrinkles and lines around mouth. For ablative laser do I go to a dermatologist... READ MORE

Can pulling downward on forehead lower my overlifted eye brows? 2 years post-op.

Had coronoal browlift 2 years ago and for my tastes eyebrows too high. Is it useful to engage in a daily regime of pulling on my forehead? Will this... READ MORE

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