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Is there a non-surgical brow lift procedure? (photos)

I'm a 19 year old female with low eyebrows that make me look too serious, like Brigitte Bardot or David Bowie (which I find really unattractive). In... READ MORE

What Are All the Types of Browlifts?

I heard about endoscopic and the coronal browlift, but what other browlifts are possible? Is there one where you don't have a risk of losing hair and... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks That Come Along With Revsional Eyebrow Lift Safe?

I had a hairline browlift and upper and lower eyelid surgery one year ago. My brow starting dropping within a month of the surgery and it almost looks... READ MORE

Any suggestions for eyebrow lift/sagging eyelids fix for young female?

I read often that young girls should not need eyebrow lift/blepharoplasty for sagging eyelids. I was born with very saggy eyelids/low eyebrows. I wish... READ MORE

Multiple surgies in one day?

Can I have endoscopic brow lift, facelift, neck liposuction, and breast augmentation in one day? My plastic surgeon told me that it would take about... READ MORE

How long after lateral brow lift does bumping your head on the scar have a possibility to rip the sutures?

I bumped my head right on the scar today exactly two weeks after the procedure, I seem to be extremely unlucky these days when Im meant to not bump it... READ MORE

How to release the stitch in an internal browpexy? (Photo)

I had a blepharoplasty with an internal browpexy done 2 months ago. I don't like the result of the browpexy and my doctor said that he could release... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove my tatoo after lifting surgery?

Im 30 yrs old and i got a eyebrow lifting surgery 6 months ago but because of my eyebrow tatoo , its looks horrible on me , is it safe to remove my... READ MORE

Medial and lateral brow lift. Is it safe?

I would like a lift of my medial brows and also lateral, but I'm afraid it will migrate to my orbicularis oculi and cause fluid retention/puffy eyes... READ MORE

Is it ok to get some small procedures done in a row without a long gap?

Well, I gave birth on Aug 30 had a dimpleplasty Sept 27 a lip reduction Oct 11 microblading Oct 20 and I want temporal brow lift Nov 2nd... READ MORE

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