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Is an Eye Lift Surgery Safe? And What Are the Costs? (photo)

I have droopy eyes and was wondering what does the procedure include, is it safe, what are the costs and is it painful? READ MORE

Sub-brow Lifts Do They Work?

Dear Doctors: Is a sub-brow lift appropriate for someone who has minimal to moderate drooping of the brows? It is where you cut directly below the... READ MORE

What is the Likelihood of Permanent Hair Loss From: A) Endoscopic Brow Lift and B) Tricophytic Brow Lift?

Im a female considering a brow lift to fix forehead wrinkles and eyebrow assymetry, but Im worried about the chance of permanent hair loss. Hairline... READ MORE

Should I Get a Browpexy Done at 33?

I am thinking of getting a Browpexy done. I had an upper eyelid surgery a year ago & have had Botox to make my eye bigger, but feel like Botox... READ MORE

My Concern with a Brow Lift is One Brow That Elevates and the Other That Remains Low.

Is it unrealistic to ask the plastic surgeon to agree in writing before surgery that he will redo for free either brow that does not "move"... READ MORE

Risks of Browlift?

Hi, I´m 23 years old and my right eyebrow is not in the same position like the right one. I consider a brow lift surgery. What are risks of this ... READ MORE

Is Revsional Hairline Browlift Safe?

I had a hairline browlift and upper and lower eyelid surgery. The browlift fell within a few wks. Is it safe to have revisonal forehead lift on the... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks That Come Along With Revsional Eyebrow Lift Safe?

I had a hairline browlift and upper and lower eyelid surgery one year ago. My brow starting dropping within a month of the surgery and it almost looks... READ MORE

Revision brow lift?

I had an endoscopic brow lift my brows are too high. Can you tell what the procedure is for a correction and potential risks? READ MORE

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