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Is There an Option To Raise Just The Inner Corners During a Brow Lift?

I dislike the angle of my eyebrows. They're lower at the inner corners, and when I relax my forehead make me look angry. I'm young, so this... READ MORE

I always feel my eyebrows are heavy and I constantly raise them

I always feel my eyebrows are heavy and I constantly raise them up and it looks really bad people always comment. I have never had a surgery or had a... READ MORE

Will an Endoscopic Brow Lift raise the hairline more than 1-2 mm?

One doc told me it would only raise my hairline about 1-2 mm and that this wouldn't be noticeable. Is this true, or does it get raised significantly... READ MORE

Outer Brow Lift Questions (photos)

I'm a female, early 20's. I'm considering some kind of brow lift to raise the outer portion of my eyebrows, to achieve more of an arch. I don't want... READ MORE

What is the best way of raising inner brow area? (photos)

I am a 19 year old and unhappy with the inner bit of my eyebrows-when I relax my forehead completely they are quite low and give me a rather... READ MORE

Brow Lift? Botox? Would Like a Subtle Raise. (photo)

I don't think a brow lift would be in order as my skin hasn't sagged a lot. I just want to raise my brows, nothing drastic, just to freshen them up. A... READ MORE

Can a brow lift raise the medial brow?

I looked at some pictures of brow lifts, and all of them seem to show a difference in the outer brow. I have really low medial brows that make me look... READ MORE

After a Coronal Brow Lift, Can/Do Brows Raise While Healing?

After coronal brow lift 1.5 months ago, brows have settled almost to original position. Is it possible they will go down and then move back up some -... READ MORE

What type of surgery will fix my eyebrows to look not angry? (photos)

Im a 18 year old guy and my eyebrows make me look mad, but when i them enough for them to straighten out i look normal. I was wondering if theres... READ MORE

Help with eyelids/eyebrows. Is there anything I can do to significantly raise my brows? (Photo)

My eyelids/ brows seem to be very low on my face and make my face look off especially in pictures. Is there anything I can do to significantly raise... READ MORE

Can I get a brow lift for forehead lines and to raise my naturally low eyebrows at age 30?

I have only just entered my 30s but I have low eyebrows naturally that I would like higher and I have always had faint lines across my forehead even... READ MORE

27 yr old requesting opinion on brow lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a 27 year old female contemplating a brow lift. I feel like my eyes give off a tired/disinterested look and I am constantly having to raise them... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a botox brow lift? (Photos)

I am 18 and would like to raise my brows maybe and get a more sultry eye( open up hooded eyes). would this look good? i don't want to undergo any... READ MORE

Asymmetrical eyebrows. Is there any way to raise the lower one? (Photo)

I look like I'm angry all the time when I don't have my eyebrows raised and if I raise them a little they become extremely assymetrical, as they... READ MORE

Will endoscopic lift noticeably raise hairline?

Mine is already high and I cannot get a hairline brow lift because it is not offered close enough to my town. My surgeon said it will not READ MORE

What options are best for me to raise my eyebrows? (Photo)

I am 20 years old and find my eyebrows extremely low, especially for my age. It seems to me that they are heavy. Leaves me with an extremely serious... READ MORE

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