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How to fix eyebrows due to one higher than other? (photos)

I was thinking of Botox on the high side to relax eye brow. I don't want cosmetic surgery again. I had a face lift 2 years ago and surgeon tried twice... READ MORE

Numbness and Pulling After Brow Lift

Four years ago I had a coronal browlift. Since then I have experienced numbness and pulling sensations in the entire crown of my head behind the... READ MORE

Oculoplastic advice: I had a "Light Temporal lift'" to improve what I expressed as a 'sad look' but my eyes look evil (Photo)

I was happy with my eyes, having had a previous upper bleph & canthoplasty. During the Temporal the ps placed 3 sutures at the lateral lower lid &... READ MORE

For a lateral brow lift: Is the brow pulled up, or sideways? (photos)

I hope my question makes sense -- for a lateral brow lift, are the outer parts of the brows lifted up, or are they pulled sideways? I added a photo to... READ MORE

Pulling feeling after lateral brow lift?

Dear RS doctors, I had a lateral brow lift a week ago. While I am pleased with the results (although of course this is not yet the 'settled' state), I... READ MORE

Can pulling downward on forehead lower my overlifted eye brows? 2 years post-op.

Had coronoal browlift 2 years ago and for my tastes eyebrows too high. Is it useful to engage in a daily regime of pulling on my forehead? Will this... READ MORE

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