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What exactly is the problem with my eye/eyebrow and what can I do to fix it? (photo)

One of my eyebrows is much higher than the other. It alters my smile and face and leaves me looking weird or disfigured in pictures and in person. It... READ MORE

Congenital Ptosis Worse After Brow Lift

My congenital ptosis got worst than before after the brow lift surgery ( sling surgery from leg muscle ). After the surgery, my left eyes (congenital... READ MORE

Which Procedure Should Be Done First?

I'm thinking of a brow lift to correct a slightly drooping brow and to eliminate the resulting asymmetry. The overall lift to the entire forehead... READ MORE

Pain and Swelling 7 Moths Post Op ( Pictures)

Please help ! its almost 7 months since ive had ptosis surgery using the frontalis sling procedure ( palmaris longus tendon used ) and the brow is... READ MORE

I Like my "Ptosis"

I posted here a month ago about my uneven brow/lid. General consensus was see on occuplastic surgeon for ptosis (please see link for add. photos:... READ MORE

Brow Lift for 17 Years Old?

Hi, I am a 17 year old and I am considering a brow lift... I know it sounds ridiculous, but here is my case. I have monolids and ptosis and am... READ MORE

Should Brow Lift Fall After Only 2.5 Yrs?

I had bilateral bleph, L müllerectomy and endoscopic BL (for R brow ptosis). After only 2.5 yrs., the R brow has fallen pretty much where it was... READ MORE

Is a browlift a solution to eyelids that hang the eyelashes?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a brow lift for ptosis?  READ MORE

I am 24 and had a direct eyebrow lift for slight ptosis. My eyebrows touch my hairline now. Could I fix my eyes? (Photo)

I asked the doctor for blepharoplasty just at the end but he said direct eyebrow lift would work. I only told him to cut the tail of my eyebrows but... READ MORE

Hairline Browlift for Brow Ptosis and Huge Forehead?

What is the best approach to achieve raised brows and shortened forehead with the longest lasting results? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Use Brow Slings on Both Eyes for Correcting One Sided Ptosis?

I have one sided ptosis, had a brow sling operation but I'm not satisfied with the result. Is it possible to remove the levator function on the... READ MORE

Can this brow lift be reversed? I am not raising my brows in this photo. That's the way they are. (Photo)

I was born with both eyes fully involved with Congenital ptsosis. Sling procedure at age 6 months, muscles shortened at age 6 years, eye brow lift at... READ MORE

Does a Heavy Brow Line cause brow ptosis? (photos)

I am starting to believe I may have Brow Ptosis, my natural state (see pictures) obscures my vision by about 40% My GD recommended I might be a good... READ MORE

Is "No Change" in Appearance After a Browlift Normal if Surgery is Done Correctly?

8 months after endo browlift, ptosis (31% vision lose) looks/feels same as before surgery. My surgeon wants to just relift from just the temple area... READ MORE

Do I have pstosis? Why is my face so asymmetrical?

My face is very asymmetrical and it bothers me. I have been told I have pstosis and also told that this is just the way I look which is even more... READ MORE

Brow ptosis? (photos)

I am considering a blepharoplasty, brow lift, or both. I feel like my brows have always been somewhat low set, so I included a pic from my early 20's.... READ MORE

Is it possible to address my Eyelid Ptosis correction in conjunction with a Brow Lift?

I've been wanting to get a brow lift, but I also appear to have eyelud ptosis as well. If I find a good plastic surgeon, it seems I would need to find... READ MORE

Do you think I would do okay with a direct brow lift? (photos)

As you can see from my pic I have pytosis of my eyelids making me look angry and tired most of the time. I am constantly lifting brows, hence wrinkles... READ MORE

Any suggestions for elevating lateral brow and Eliminating frown lines for a 51 Years Old? (photos)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 9 years ago to correct upper lid fat ptosis that resulted after a prolonged period of undiagnosed Graves disease.... READ MORE

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