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Permanent Solution for Forehead and Eye Wrinkles?

My husband is in his late 30s and has severe wrinkles around his eyes and forehead. He is very expressive and his wrinkles are getting bad so quickly... READ MORE

Is a Browlift Permanent?

Is a browlift permanent or is it something you have to have redone after a number of years to maintain results? READ MORE

One eyebrow is arched higher than the other, any suggestions? (photos)

Hi! So I've noticed that one of my eyebrows arches higher than the other, I was just wondering if there was a permanent fix for this? I've read that... READ MORE

3 Days Post Bilateral Eyebrow Lift: Eyes Look Slanted

Hi, it is now day 3 after the above surgery on my eyebrows (op day 18th July). My head is still bandaged (going to take off tomorrow) and I have a lot... READ MORE

Permanent solution to uneven eyebrows? Does this surgery require general anesthetic?

Hi, I'm 30 and have one eyebrow that is higher than the other and highly noticeable at least by me in pictures. I have been getting Botox and wish for... READ MORE

Price estimate for lowering a high eyebrow? (Reverse brow lift)

I'm 22 years old and I have one eyebrow that's too high for my liking (no past surgery). I've already tried Botox - the result was just ok, and I'd... READ MORE

At What Age Should a Brow Lift Be Done?

I read somewhere here that a brow lift might not be permanent if done too young. At what age should it be done so that it will not need to be redone... READ MORE

Is There a Cosmetics Procedure out There That Can Lower Eyebrows Completely? Doesn't Botox Shots Wear off Eventually?

I need a permanent eyebrow procedure that will lower my brows, It is extremely difficult for me to look into a mirror without being distracted by... READ MORE

Instead of getting Botox every 3 months, should I get the Eyebrow Lift for my wrinkles ?

Instead of getting Botox every 3 months, should I get the Eyebrow Lift for my wrinkles (the 11's between the eyebrows) so it will become permanent and... READ MORE

How to Correct Uneven Eyebrows Caused by Minor Bell's Palsy

I recently visited my neurologist for a diff. problem & showed him my uneven eyebrows, something that has slowly worsened over time. He noted... READ MORE

Endoscopic Browlifts - completely confused. Will it permanently correct brow asymmetry?

Half the doctors on here say it will permanently correct brow asymmetry, the other half say it will last a few years. I don't know who to believe.... READ MORE

If I were to undergo a brow lift, neck lift, and mid facelift, would I still need blepharoplasty? (photos)

I am 49 years old and wish to correct my drooping brows, under-eye hollows, jowls, sagging neck and jawline. I previously used Botox to lift my brows... READ MORE

Does a hairline brow lift cause permanent numbness?

Just curious. I have been reading about different types of brow lifts. I have read that the coronal brow causes permanent numbness, and that an... READ MORE

Can I get a brow lift for forehead lines and to raise my naturally low eyebrows at age 30?

I have only just entered my 30s but I have low eyebrows naturally that I would like higher and I have always had faint lines across my forehead even... READ MORE

Can an eyebrow lift correct a very small amount of asymmetry precisely?

One of my eyebrows is slightly lower than the other. Say a couple of millimeters. I have spoken to three oculoplastic surgeons who did not recommend... READ MORE

Unilateral brow lift or blepharoplasty? (photo)

Hi, I am 28 years old.I have asymmetry.One of the brows is at a lower position as compared to the other.I am in a dilemma whether I should undergo... READ MORE

Will a mid forehead brow lift leave permanent visible scarring? (photo)

I have a significant reduction of visual field from drooping eyelids and my eye doctor referred me to a plastic surgeon. He recommended getting a... READ MORE

Endoscopic Brow lift; experiencing severe burning sensation on my scalp?

I had an endoscopic brow lift 14 months ago and I am experiencing severe burning sensation on my scalp. I would like to know why this is happening and... READ MORE

How can I fix my uneven eyebrows permanently? (photos)

Hey how can i fix my uneven eybrows to make them look a little more even & also makes my eyelids look uneven, Im 20 years old and I know Im still... READ MORE

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