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Hair Loss After Brow and Face and Neck Lift

Can you tell me how common it is to have some hair loss particularly on the sides of the head with a strip of thinning hair just past the incision... READ MORE

Eyebrow Dropping After Lateral Browlift

Hello, I had a bilateral browlift 5 weeks 1 day ago and feel that my eyebrows have dropped a lot since the op. My surgeon said they will drop some,... READ MORE

Pins and Needles Sensation Six Months After Brow Lift, Is This Normal?

Hello, about six months after an endoscopic eyebrow lift I started to feel a slight pins and needle sensation on the left side area under the scalp... READ MORE

Unable to See Clearly with Glasses or Contact Lenses 9 Days After Brow/cheek Lift?

It's been 9 days since my endoscopic brow & midface lift.Still in pain and quite swollen,particularly in the cheeks. However, my biggest concern... READ MORE

Is "No Change" in Appearance After a Browlift Normal if Surgery is Done Correctly?

8 months after endo browlift, ptosis (31% vision lose) looks/feels same as before surgery. My surgeon wants to just relift from just the temple area... READ MORE

I'm 6 months post op endo browlift, and suffering dry eye, tightness, pulling of forehead & scalp. Is this normal?

Posting after my brow-lift when my eyes wouldn't close/ tightness/pulling, all advised wait 6 months. Eyes close almost normal again, but if wrinkle... READ MORE

Why are surgeons offering brow lifts neglecting to answer my question about severe itching after the procedure?

I've been looking into face/neck lifts with brow lifts and there's a lot of information, however when it comes to the brow there seems to be a lot of... READ MORE

Hair loss after coronal brow lift for over a year: is that normal and if so what to do to get hair back?

Surgery was May-Jun 2013. Dermatologist test lab results (collected hairs over 2 wks) was Elogen Effluvium. Since mid Sep using Rogaine usually once a... READ MORE

Is it normal to do an eyebrow lift where only the outer ends of the eyebrows are lifted for a nicer shape in the eyebrow?

So I dont really have anything wrong with my eyebrows but I would like to have eyebrows shaped more like Jessica albas eyebrows. I have seen an... READ MORE

Is it normal that a brow lift would swell my nose like this?

A few months ago I did a tipoplasty... Then two weeks ago I went to do an endoscopic brow lift.. Most of the swelling from my nose had gone but after... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my first question. My incision runs along my hairline (zig zag) and then behind my hairline down the side

Of my head almost to my ears. I lost my side burns which is devastating, but more importantly my eyes look so different. I'm so pulled, I look... READ MORE

Is it common and accepted practice to use Neurontin (Gabepentin) for post brow lift itching?

I had a (successful) pretrichial brow lift several months ago and have been experiencing extreme itching of the scalp (due to nerve regeneration)... READ MORE

I had a brow lift and facelift post 4 months. When I perspire or sweat it smells kind of shunky, is this normal? (Photo)

I had a brow lift and facelift post 4 months. These past few weeks my hair has falling out all over and I hardly have any hair left on my crown. My... READ MORE

Can uneven lids (the crease) be corrected with a revised browlift and can this be a simple surgery? (Photos)

I believe I got coronal or endoscopic 9 months ago, but my PS was very short with me and did not thoroughly explain. When I addressed my concerns for... READ MORE

Endoscopic brow lift - one sided pain.

I had a brow lift 3 weeks ago and one side of face is still numb and I am having trouble with muscles. There is a bump on brow that is very painful.... READ MORE

Swelling and pain after lateral brow lift. Is it normal?

I had a lateral brow lift today obviously on both eyebrows, but I have significant more swelling and pain on one side, while I feel nothing on the... READ MORE

Bleeding and yellow lumps six weeks after lateral brow lift? (Photo)

My scar after lateral brow lift has started to bleed and also has some yellow fluid six weeks post op. Is this normal? READ MORE

When did you notice your eyebrow droop start to get better and when did it become back normal again?

Can you pls tell me how long it took until you saw your eyebrow droop improve and when it was finally back to its normal shape? I had my eyebrow arch... READ MORE

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