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Can You Use Botox for a Brow Lift?

Will Botox give you a lift like surgery, but nonsurgically? READ MORE

What Are Non Surgical Alternatives To A Brow Lift?

I got some great answers, thanks to all of the doctors that responded!I did some research and do not think I am ready to go through with a brow lift.... READ MORE

Best Filler to Freshen the Peri-Orbital Area? Under Eye Lateral, Eyelid, Brow Lift

I want to find an experienced dermatologist, esthetician or ps who can take a global approach to the peri-orbital area. It is not so much the tear... READ MORE

One eyebrow is noticeably higher than the other? Is there a no surgical fix?

Hi everyone, one of my eyebrows is much higher than the other. The lower eye is also much more hooded (which is most obvious to me when I try to do my... READ MORE

What is the Best Non-surgical Method of Elevating One Eyebrow?

What is the Best Non-surgical Method of Elevating One Eyebrow? READ MORE

Is there a non-surgical brow lift procedure? (photos)

I'm a 19 year old female with low eyebrows that make me look too serious, like Brigitte Bardot or David Bowie (which I find really unattractive). In... READ MORE

Is There a Eye Enhancement Surgery Without Blades/cutting?

The length of my eyes is shorter than average and I intend on getting surgery but I'm scared of going through blades and I heard from somebody that... READ MORE

Is there a way to lift the brows without surgery?

I was under the impression that Botox would lift my eyebrows. Instead they dropped drastically I could barely see over my eyelid. I have hooded eyes... READ MORE

Is there any non surgical/ non invasive things I could do to fix my uneven eyebrows? (photo)

My eyebrows are so noticeably uneven in height that I look like an idiot. and I would try makeup but my eyebrows are so thin and blonde that there... READ MORE

Can my brow asymmetry and loss of volume be addressed non surgically? (Photo)

Can my asymmetry and loss of volume be addressed nonsurgically?My brows are extremely asymetrical and one eye is much lower than the other (the cheek... READ MORE

What did Ariana Grande have done to achieve this brow lift? (photos)

Although slightly on the severe side, I like the way this lift has brought up the brow evenly across the center rather than lifting the corners of the... READ MORE

How to get a brow lift like Ariana Grande? (Photo)

Is it possible to have a brow lift like ariana grande non-surgically or will it require surgery? READ MORE

"Liquid" Brow lift? I have a masculine low brow paired with heavy lids, they make me look tired/angry. (photo)

I'd rather have a softer look. Any suggestions seeing as I do not wanna go under the knife yet? READ MORE

Non surgical brow lift in San Diego?

I am only 44 and want to postpone surgery as long as I can. I did botox brow lift before and i liked it i am looking for a dr who is skilled in botox... READ MORE

Does anyone know how to lower brows without surgery? My eyes have huge gaping holes between the brow bone and eyeball (Photo)

I'm having an extremely hard time adjusting to a terrible eye lift. The doctor recommended lifting the outer brows to help with crows feet but some... READ MORE

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