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Can Surgery Lower my Eyebrows Like This? Is It Realistic? (Pics)

My eyebrows are high and I really don't like it. I've been looking through beautiful female faces and all of them have their eyebrows very close to... READ MORE

By Lowering One Eyebrow to Make Them Both Moderately Symmetrical, How Much Would That Cost? (photo)

In pictures is when it looks the worst. Frankly, I don't know what other people see. But when I look in the mirror I hate myself. I had surgery as... READ MORE

How to lower my eyebrows?

I have very high eyebrows, are there any exercises or stretches that would bring my eyebrows closer to my eyelid? I would preferably avoid surgery due... READ MORE

Best Surgical Approach to Lower Left Eyebrow?

Is a temporal lift sufficient usually to fix a left eyebrow that's lower than the right? An older doctor said a coronal is needed (though i'd... READ MORE

Brow Lift/forehead Lift, Any Way to Reverse It?

I underwent pretrichial forehead lift 2004. Brows continue to be very over elevated centrally and are asymmetrical. The right side is pulled up so... READ MORE

Is it possible to lower the position of eyebrows to give a hooded-eyes look? (Photo)

I know that botox can lower the eyebrows but can it give you a hooded-eyes look? that's what i'm interested in. i read that it can be achieved with a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Restore Original Brow Position After an Andosckopic Brow Lift?

I had a bad endoscopic brow lift almost 3 years ago. My brows are too high, and forhead is huge. It seems that my brows move even higher when I am... READ MORE

Is it possible to lower the front/inner part of the eyebrow?

I am not asking for what is best for me and my circumstances (yet). I just want to know if it is possible. I want my outer brows raised from the... READ MORE

Is There a Cosmetics Procedure out There That Can Lower Eyebrows Completely? Doesn't Botox Shots Wear off Eventually?

I need a permanent eyebrow procedure that will lower my brows, It is extremely difficult for me to look into a mirror without being distracted by... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can lower your eyebrows?

The only thing I can think of would be a brow ridge implant, but I don't know if those are advisable to get since they are so uncommon. READ MORE

Why do some doctors state that lowering/revising a brow after endo lift is possible and others say it is not?

I am 6 weeks after bone-tunnel endo browlift and am asymmetrical where especially one side won't allow me to keep my eyes closed or blink fully. I'm... READ MORE

Can lateral brow lift that has gone wrong be corrected?

Six weeks ago I had a Lateral brow lift, unfortunately my right eye brow is lower than my left and I am unable to move the right eyebrow. Is there any... READ MORE

Can Eyebrows Be Lowered Permanently? (photo)

I am a caucasian male with a ton of space between my eye and eyebrows. I always look very alert despite being totally relaxed. I would like to have my... READ MORE

Forehead lowering - Scalp advancement. Is there a way to reverse this with a brow lift or forehead lift? (photos)

I had forehead lowering surgery. I feel like that the hairline is out of place & too low. Is there a way to get this reversed so that my hairline... READ MORE

I want my brow lowered because of a very high hair line. However, I take Xarelto. Could that be a problem during the procedure?

I have a big forehead. I think it's genetic. So my hair starts pretty far back. I am a 28-year-old male. Is lowering my brow a pretty quick in... READ MORE

What can I do? My right eyebrow is much lower than the left and the lid is slightly too. (Photo)

I'm 27 years old and this has gotten more noticable over time. I can raise both brows together, the left one easily but not the right one on its own.... READ MORE

Will my eyebrows ever be symmetrical? (photos)

Two weeks ago I had an upper bletho, brow lift on left brow only, chemical peel under eyes and fat injections to my brows and cheeks. I'm happy with... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me if there is a procedure to lower the eyebrows, or to fix a brow lift that is too high? Please help! (Photo)

I had a brow lift over the Christmas break, and it is clearly too high. I am very upset, but I'm managing to hide it with bangs and by keeping my... READ MORE

Is it normal to have overly arched brows after Brow Lowering Procedure?

I had surgery a month ago to correct my previous Brow lift procedure because it was overly to high, I wanted my brows lowered to a more relaxed shape,... READ MORE

How to fix my abnormal facial asymmetry (particularly noticeable lower brow)? (photos)

Hi, I appear to have quite severe facial asymmetry going on, it's been bothering me for many years and I'd love to finally get it fixed. From what I... READ MORE

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