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How Long Are Lateral Brow Lift Incisions?

How long are the incisions on each side of the head for a lateral Brow Lift? How far back are they from the hair line? Thank you. READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Temporal or Lateral Browlift Incisions?

Where exactly are the incisions for a temporal or lateral browlift placed? Is it usually accomplished with an endoscope or is there an effective, less... READ MORE

How Much for a Lateral Brow Lift? and How Long Would the Incisions Be?

I' m thinking on having a lateral brow lift. I'm a 23 year old female and my eyebrows are too "flat" on my face. I wonder how much... READ MORE

Why Won't Brow Lift Incision Completely Heal?

The incision goes from temple to temple along the hairline. One side at the temple oozes a slight amt of serosanguinous fluid daily. Some area of the... READ MORE

Post Brow Lift Itching and Pain. What Can I Do?

Had a brow llift 8 weeks ago with endotine implants. Have constant itching in forehead and scalp. Also, shooting pains in scalp mainly from incision... READ MORE

What's the Scarring Like from an Eye Lift with a Brow Line Incision?

I'm 27 and considering an eye lift to get rid of my drooping lids. I've been for a consultation and the surgeon said that I'm suitable for... READ MORE

My Doc Suggested Brow Crease to Brow Crease Removal For My Lift- What Are Your Thoughts On This Method?

Since the incision is made along the brow wrinke he said that the wound will be in comression and the scar will not be very noticable. I am nervous... READ MORE

Endoscopic Brow lift. Which is best, 3 or 5 incisions to reduce crows feet?

I have decided to undergo an endoscopic brow lift in order to elevate my eyebrows, flatten out horizontal forehead wrinkles and to reduce crows feet.... READ MORE

How long does it take a classic browlift scar to look good enough to go out public?

I had my surgery two days ago and I look like Frankenstein. The incision is red, red. I am very fair and it have been told that the scar should heal... READ MORE

Can orbital shave surgery be performed through an eyelid incision? (Not looking for full brow ridge surgery)

I have an a prominent brow ridge and orbital region and am seeking a reduction. I do, however, have a quite rapidly receding hairline and therefore I... READ MORE

Could the incision not healing properly have caused eyebrows to fall after browlift? (photos)

I had a browlift with absorbable sutures 2 months ago. My brows aren't as arched and it seems they continue to fall. I only had 2 incisions. After... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Access a Burr Hole Through a Brow Lift Incision? If So What Material Should Be Used to Level It? (photo)

I have a burr hole from a craniotomy. As I need a brow lift I would like to know if an incision before (not behind) the hairline could be used for the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have such pain 6 months after a brow lift?

The incision healed, but I still have pain all across my head. It feels like I'm being burned & like my skin is being pinched hard. There's a prickly... READ MORE

Pus Still at Incision of Endoscopic Brow Lift 6 Months Later?

6 months later I still have pus and pain at endoscopic incision site of brow lift. I also have pain I have had many antibiotics but pus and pain still... READ MORE

Can brow bone reduction and brow lift be done using the coronal incision technique and still get great results?

Im planning on getting brow bone reduction & brow lift but do not want the incision made on my hairline because I want to get a hair transplant to... READ MORE

Is a 'Brow Lift' and alternative to a 'Blepharoplasty' ?

Is a 'Brow Lift' an alternative for drooping upper lid correction or a need for a 'Blepharoplasty'? ---Where would the scars be for an endoscopic Brow... READ MORE

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