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What kind of surgery would fix my hooded eyes? Do I need to get an eyebrow lift? (photos)

I have hooded eyes naturally, not due to ageing. I am 20 years old. Do I need to get an eyebrow lift? I Also have a very small forehead which looks... READ MORE

Temporal Browlift Better Choice for Lateral Hooding? I Do Not Want Scars in Crows Feet

Temporal Browlift Better Choice for Lateral Hooding? I Do Not Want Scars in Crows Feet READ MORE

Brow lift or hooded eyelid lift? Should I use botox or juvederm? (Photo)

Hello, I am wearing bangs all my life and really it is not a trend many years and I realize that I look not pretty at all without bangs but I want to... READ MORE

Transpalpebral Brow Lift During Blephaplasty

(Female/47) Two years ago, I had a mid-face and neck lift along with excision of xanthalasma, around the inner upper/lower orbital area, with good... READ MORE

Why Do So Many Docs Raise Eyebrows to Levels Reminiscent of 50's Holywood?

I have lateral hooding of the eyelid and have been reviewing many before and after browlift photos. It amazes me that so many results look... READ MORE

Post Brow Lift and Upper and Lower Eye Lift Surgery: Left with Upper Lid Hooding

One eyebrow drops down into the lid area, unlike before surgery. I was hoping a brow lift would raise the brows and upper lids and open up the eye are... READ MORE

Is it possible to lower the position of eyebrows to give a hooded-eyes look? (Photo)

I know that botox can lower the eyebrows but can it give you a hooded-eyes look? that's what i'm interested in. i read that it can be achieved with a... READ MORE

Brow lift for an 18-year-old? (photo)

My eyelids are hooded and look much better when my eyebrows are raised, so I raise them all the time but this gives me headaches. It is genetic. When... READ MORE

Brow Lift/Does It Rejuvenate Eyes?

Can a brow lift help rejuvenate a hooded eyelid and help small eyelids appear higher? READ MORE

20 years old want a brow lift for elevation, also to help overly hooded eyelids. (photos)

I am 20 years old and would like a brow lift because I have always wanted my brows to sit up higher. I've tried botox, but it doesn't give me quite... READ MORE

What Brow Lift Should I Get if I Have Thinning Forehead Skin and Severe Drooping Brows with Hooded Eyelids?

Not sure if a brow lift will even last long for my condition.. i think it's at the point where it's unfixable. would fat grafting on my forehead lift... READ MORE

Will a brow lift correct hooded eyes? (photos)

I have very deep set eyes with a heavy brow one as well as hooded eyes. Will a brow lift help to pull back the skin causing the hooded effect? READ MORE

Which procedures address lateral hooding of the eyes?

My eyebrows are naturally very high, so are there any procedures other than brow lifts that will correct lateral hooding without raising my eyebrows... READ MORE

Fix hooded eyes with a brow lift? (Photo)

I officially done with my hooded eyes. I'm 18 (so not from aging). I am an avid makeup lover and I hate how eyeshadow appears on my lid. You can't see... READ MORE

One eyebrow is noticeably higher than the other? Is there a no surgical fix? (photo)

Hi everyone, one of my eyebrows is much higher than the other. The lower eye is also much more hooded (which is most obvious to me when I try to do my... READ MORE

Brows lower 3 months after endoscopic brow lift. Extreme puckering with sutures. Is puckering avoidable? (photo)

Endoscopic brow lift did not hold and brows are now lower than prior and eyelids more hooded. Dr removed sutures on day 11 and claims now, they should... READ MORE

Would a brow lift for reshaping give me a more feminine look?

In a twenties patient,with plaint, not very arched brows who is starting to experience hooding and tired look,is there a procedure to lift the upper... READ MORE

What kind of surgery would fix my hooded eyes? Do I need to get an eyebrow lift? (Photo)

I naturally have hooded eyes, they're not a result of aging. I am 20 years old. I've been very self conscious about my eyes and would like to begin... READ MORE

How to change slightly hooded caveman eyebrows? (Photo)

If I were to get a brow lift (my whole eyebrows) then that would probably help my hooded eyes, but I'm wandering what would be recommended for my... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty vs Brow Lift for male? (Photos)

I'm in my late 30's and often get asked if I'm upset because of my hooded and deep set eyes (part Asian ethnicity). I'd like to open them up to expose... READ MORE

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