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Will Open Brow Lift Scar Heal Nicely?

I am considering an open brow lift to correct my hereditary low brow and high forehead. I've been keeping my brow elevated with Botox in the past 5... READ MORE

Brow Lift After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I'm aware it's commonly done in reverse, but when can I have Brow Lift after upper Eyelid Surgery, considering scar healing? READ MORE

Why Won't Brow Lift Incision Completely Heal?

The incision goes from temple to temple along the hairline. One side at the temple oozes a slight amt of serosanguinous fluid daily. Some area of the... READ MORE

How much Bruising After Eyebrow Lift?

How long and how much bruising is involved with endoscopic browlift? READ MORE

Brow Lift Revision After First Surgery?

I am 22 days out from my Brow Lift, upper and lower eye lift and Deep plane Facelift. My eyebrows were lifted endocopically with a ribbon in the... READ MORE

Can a Coronal Brow Lift and Lower Eye Lift Change the Position of the Cheeks and Temporal Area?

Does a lower eye lift raise the lower existing skin below the eye? can it change the shape of the eyes or lift the outer ends? working at the coronal... READ MORE

Taking Forever to Heal from Endoscopic Brw Lift. ( 3 Months Post Op)?

Hi. I am 3 months post op from an endo brow lift and am still having the following symptoms. !)My right side brow still does not move. (My left one... READ MORE

How long does it take a classic browlift scar to look good enough to go out public?

I had my surgery two days ago and I look like Frankenstein. The incision is red, red. I am very fair and it have been told that the scar should heal... READ MORE

Could the incision not healing properly have caused eyebrows to fall after browlift? (photos)

I had a browlift with absorbable sutures 2 months ago. My brows aren't as arched and it seems they continue to fall. I only had 2 incisions. After... READ MORE

Is it normal to have such pain 6 months after a brow lift?

The incision healed, but I still have pain all across my head. It feels like I'm being burned & like my skin is being pinched hard. There's a prickly... READ MORE

How long does it take for a Brow Lift to heal completely? I had mine done in Dec. area above brows is lump of muscle. (photos)

I had a brow lift at the hairline in Dec. I'm happy with brow the position. I have an issue with my forehead. Before surgery, if I lifted my brows I'd... READ MORE

Hemifacial spasm after endoscopic brow lift

About six months after my endoscopic brow lift, I started having hemifacial spasms. It has now been eight months and they seem to be getting worse,... READ MORE

1 year post brow lift. Incision wound opened up with white suture material poking out & yellowish fluid w/swelling at incision?

I have had pain, swelling and discomfort since my surgery one year ago. Doctor used 4.0 prolene sutures to pull the brow muscle up and then a prolene... READ MORE

Why is my right eyelid sagging after a brow lift 3 weeks post op? (Photos)

I had a brow lift and my right eye lid is sagging more then my left eye. It's quite noticeable and people are commenting on it. I know nothing heals... READ MORE

Brow lift with upper blepharoplasty?

I have hooded eyes. I plan to have a brow lift with conservative upper blepharoplasty in December after consulting with my plastic surgeon. How much... READ MORE

Forgot I can't do heavy lifting. Could this activity still have damaged my healing process some way?

I had a lateral brow lift ten days ago and today I forgot I couldnt do heavy lifting and went back and forth from the car several times carrying as... READ MORE

Healing Progression of Wound After Brow Lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I wanted to thank the doctors who were kind enough to answer my inquiry about the wound that opened post op. It was a little unnerving that something... READ MORE

Any suggestions on the healing? (photos)

I posted pictures yesterday of a problematic opening of my skin under the incision. I am using Bacitraycin topical & started Cephalexin yesterday.... READ MORE

Ear Incision Healing - 3 1/2 months post op (Photo)

Healing progress of right ear incisions vastly different from left ear. Right - red, tragus white, skin appears thin Left - no redness around tragus,... READ MORE

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