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Brow Lift for Forehead Increase

I have a very low hairline (forehead). my forehead is about 2 inches in length. I really would like to increase the size of my forehead just a little.... READ MORE

Why Won't Brow Lift Incision Completely Heal?

The incision goes from temple to temple along the hairline. One side at the temple oozes a slight amt of serosanguinous fluid daily. Some area of the... READ MORE

Brow Lift Surgery and receding hairlines?

Is there a technique used for men with receding hairlines so that scaring is minimal? How visible are the scars? READ MORE

Can a Browlift Be Used to Correct a High Forehead?

I'm a 20 year old female with a high forehead and a widow's peak that gives the impression of a receding hairline. Taking my age into account... READ MORE

Long Oblong Face Be Made Shorter by Lowering the Hairline and Altering the Jaw? (photo)

I'm very ugly, (long oblong face) and was wondering if having my hairline lowerd and jaw altered, would create a prettier? more shorter, feminine... READ MORE

Can cut nerves be repaired after a bilateral brow lift? I have total numbness from hairline to crown of head.

I had a bilateral brow lift on Oct 28,2013. My surgeon told me that I would have total numbness from hairline back 3 inches. Nerves were cut. Is there... READ MORE

Will an Endoscopic Brow Lift raise the hairline more than 1-2 mm?

One doc told me it would only raise my hairline about 1-2 mm and that this wouldn't be noticeable. Is this true, or does it get raised significantly... READ MORE

Eyebrow Correction

I asked previously about correcting eyebrow asymmetry. I absolutely do not want my hairline touched or altered in any way. READ MORE

Why is a Coronal Forehead Lift Best for Women?

Is a coronal brow lift a better option for removing frown or scowl lines? READ MORE

Least Invasive Brow Lift Methods?

Hello! I'm interested in different brow lift techniques that are the least invasive and suitable for a 23 year old female. I think in particular my... READ MORE

What can I do for the endless itching on my scalp and face from hairline brow lift severed nerves? 8 months out (Photo)

Dr. opened my forehead, did not do the lift. He told me he severed 2 nerves. It has now been 8 months, I have sores all over my scalp, had to shave my... READ MORE

How much does an Endoscopic Brow Lift raise the hairline, in millimeters? (photos)

As much as 1 cm? Or more like just 1-2 mm? Would it raise it as much as the simulated photo on the right? The one on the left is my natural hairline... READ MORE

Hairline lowering or brow lift?

I was wondering what would be better to do brow lift or hairline lowering if I am trying to make my forehead smaller. READ MORE

What Type of Brow Lift (If Any at All) is Recommended for Me?

Im 30 year old female & have deep horizontal furrows in forehead, 11's between eyebrows, & 1 eyebrow assymetrically drooping caused by a... READ MORE

Can I get a brow lift and hairline lowering?

How much is a hair line lowering with a brow lift also know as a Irregular Trichophytic Forehead Lift I would like to know the minimum and the maximum READ MORE

I had a hairline brow lift about 2 years ago?

I still have feel tightness and tingling-sometimes it's rather intense. Will this ever go away? READ MORE

How has my face changed and how do I refresh it? (photos)

I've recently noticed a change in my face. I can't pinpoint what it is that makes me look aged. Sometimes I feel like it's my brows or my hair line.... READ MORE

Can a Browlift Be Performed Years After Hairline Advancement Surgery? (photo)

I am considering hairline advancement surgery to reduce my prominent forehead. It may end up being surgical or grafts depending on what the surgeon... READ MORE

Risks of Browlift?

Hi, I´m 23 years old and my right eyebrow is not in the same position like the right one. I consider a brow lift surgery. What are risks of this ... READ MORE

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