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Would You Recommend Fillers or a Brow Lift For My Tired Appearance? (photo)

I'm 45 and would like to look less tired. I'm considering fillers for the tear trough -my main area of concern- but also I see how low my brow... READ MORE

Injectable brow lift?

Hello! I was wondering what injectables are used/can be used to lift the brow and lid area? I don't have droopy lids or a furrowed brow, but I feel... READ MORE

Post Brow Lift and Upper and Lower Eye Lift Surgery: Left with Upper Lid Hooding

One eyebrow drops down into the lid area, unlike before surgery. I was hoping a brow lift would raise the brows and upper lids and open up the eye are... READ MORE

Is there a non-surgical brow lift procedure? (photos)

I'm a 19 year old female with low eyebrows that make me look too serious, like Brigitte Bardot or David Bowie (which I find really unattractive). In... READ MORE

How has my face changed and how do I refresh it? (photos)

I've recently noticed a change in my face. I can't pinpoint what it is that makes me look aged. Sometimes I feel like it's my brows or my hair line.... READ MORE

Will botox work to raise lateral brows if you have had an endo browlift that failed?

I had an endo browlift that failed, it fell several months after the surgery. Can Botox still raise lateral brows, and if so, will it allow my outer... READ MORE

Botox, browlift Re-injecting units?

I have been recieving browlifts from my regular Dr for a year, unfortunately, I went to a different Dr for my usual injections. She lacked... READ MORE

Do you have to inject filler into the entire eyebrow for a lift? I want my outter eyelid to be more visible (Photo)

I'd really like to have my outter brow lifted, is there anyway I'd be able to have filler injected maybe 5mm into my brow from the edge or even not at... READ MORE

Will a brow lift, cheek and under eye fillers work for my long face? (photos)

I have droopy brows with a long face and sunken eyes. I hate my appearance. My eyes are my best features (asian like) however my dark circles make it... READ MORE

Can I have a brow lift without removing the Juvederm Voluma I had injected in my temples two months ago?

Two months ago I had Juvederm Voluma injected in my Temples. It hasn't given, for me the improvement I wanted. Can I go ahead and have a subperiosteal... READ MORE

Can I have a brow lift using Botox and treat forehead lines? How much needed to treat glabellar?

I had Botox on my forehead 10u & crows feet 10u each side. This is enough as my lines are minimal. When I asked about a light brow lift I was told... READ MORE

Are there cases when fillers (after stripped eye lift surgery) just wont stick? Mine seems only last days

I think because too much tissue was removed the fillers just absorb into my body. I had it done Wed and Mon. Its hollowin again. See pics on my... READ MORE

Heavy, strong, low brow. Will an endoscopic brow lift help?

I went in bc I had wanted botox - for the lines a little that are forming & to raise my brows. Doc's response: My issue is that my brows are heavy &... READ MORE

What are my options for a low, heavy, & semi- straight brow? (Photo)

I am 32 yrs old and I have an inherited low heavy brow (my mom has the same brow). I had Botox a few years ago, the results were ok but it gave me dry... READ MORE

Is eyebrow lift/reshape with filler is right for me? (photos)

I'm interested in reshaping my eyebrow because I think it makes me look like sleepy the end part of my eyebrow is low. I read that filler can fix it,... READ MORE

I had an eyebrow lift 3 years ago. It has left me with deep indentations on both brows

Would like to know if fillers would fill out the indentations please will try and get my daughter to put some photos on to show you also do you think... READ MORE

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