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Swelling After Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Fraxel Laser

I had an open Brow Lift, upper Eyelid Surgery, and Fraxel Laser under my eyes and on my cheeks. I am super swollen, my eyes two little slits. I am... READ MORE

Scarring After Brow Lift

I recently had a direct brow lift. The incision is just above the brow. I'm satisfied with the natural results, but I'm worried about the scarring. It... READ MORE

Concerns After Brow Lift, Midface Lift, and Eyelid Surgery

I am a 37-year-old male in pretty decent shape. It is my 24th day post-op from an endoscopic Brow Lift / Midface Lift (I have 4 incisions in my... READ MORE

When to Have Brow Lift After Facelift and Neck Lift?

How long after a lower facelift and neck lift should I wait to have a lateral brow lift (due to swelling, etc.)? These procedures will be done by two... READ MORE

What Surgery Will Help my Face (photo)?

I know I have a lot of asymmetry, and really hate how I look when I look in the mirror and at photos, but I can't put my finger on exactly what's... READ MORE

Should I get an endoscopic brow lift? (photos)

I'm want an opinion on getting an endo browlift along with a face & neck lift. I have high eyebrows and tend to raise them when expressing myself.... READ MORE

How do I get ride of the intense slight creepy look out of my face? This is my neutral position. (photos)

The way my eye brow slants gives me an intense stare and sort of creepy. I also have dark shadows between my eyes and on the sides of my nose that I... READ MORE

What type of brow lift would fit me best? Maybe old-school direct? (photos)

Hi I'm 23 and want to just pull my naturally inward inner brows up caz angry look, soften face & open up eyes. I have thick brows, tan skin &... READ MORE

Do I need a brow lift? (Photo)

Hi I'm 43 recently had fat transfer to face- I'm seriously considering rhinoplasty and was wondering if I would benefit from it. And should I have a... READ MORE

How to fix my abnormal facial asymmetry (particularly noticeable lower brow)? (photos)

Hi, I appear to have quite severe facial asymmetry going on, it's been bothering me for many years and I'd love to finally get it fixed. From what I... READ MORE

Brow lift - continous headache. (photo)

A week ago I had a brow lift and a facelift. I have had a continuous headache since. It's the same kind of pain that you get if your ponytail is too... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to move your eyebrows up? (Photo)

Not angle them but lift them higher on your face, I have brows like milla jovovich and sometimes it gives me such a negative feeling about myself,... READ MORE

Why is my face so asymmetrical? Age 18. (photo)

Why is my face so asymmetrical?(specifically the brow area) And is it possible my face evens out naturally considering that I'm nearly 18 years old.... READ MORE

Endoscopic brow lift - one sided pain.

I had a brow lift 3 weeks ago and one side of face is still numb and I am having trouble with muscles. There is a bump on brow that is very painful.... READ MORE

Brow asymmetry and rhinoplasty - how to make improvements? (photos)

Two issues here-- I've been wanting a nose job for years, but now am noticing not only is one eyebrow higher than the other, it is also much thicker.... READ MORE

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