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Can Asymmetric Eyes or Eyebrows Be Fixed?

I am interested in fixing my asymmetrical eyes. One of my brows sits noticeably lower and that same eye looks much smaller than the other eye/eyebrow.... READ MORE

Non-surgical Ways to Help Sagging Brow Area?

I'm 48 yrs., with having had minimal sun bathing exposure.. no visible damage to forehead skin, yet I've notice a slight drop of my BROW area. Nature... READ MORE

Overactive Eyebrow on One Side

I have an overactive eyebrow, just on my right side. It's always raised and I have to focus very hard to lower it, and when I do, it feels heavy.... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make my Eyebrows More Arched?

I'm young, 20, but my eyebrows really bother me. They are pretty much straight across. They have no arch. My question is, is there any way to get the... READ MORE

How Long Are Lateral Brow Lift Incisions?

How long are the incisions on each side of the head for a lateral Brow Lift? How far back are they from the hair line? Thank you. READ MORE

Brow Lift Complications?

I'm thinking about a brow lift. What possible brow lift complications or side effects should I be aware of? READ MORE

Will Open Brow Lift Scar Heal Nicely?

I am considering an open brow lift to correct my hereditary low brow and high forehead. I've been keeping my brow elevated with Botox in the past 5... READ MORE

Mini Brow Lift Cost?

Hi, I am interested in getting a MINI brow lift but have a question. What is a general estimated cost for this procedure? I live in Texas but am... READ MORE

One Brow Not Moving 1 Month After Brow Lift

My surgeon says to wait, and the movement will return. What could have happened? READ MORE

Best Brow Lift Procedure for Young Male with Receding Hairline?

I'm in my early 30s and of some Mediterranean descent. My eyebows seem to sit rather low on my brow and also slope towards the center of my browline... READ MORE

Is 20 Years Old Too Young for Endoscopic Brow Lift?

I am 20 years old and have inherited droopy eyebrows. I think an endoscopic procedure could improve my appearance. Am I too young to undergo this type... READ MORE

Can Botox Fix Too High Eyebrows After Brow Lift?

I have long face so one of the things I did was to lower my hairline with brow lift. I still don't have a small forehead, but eventually plan to... READ MORE

Direct Brow Lift for Excess Skin After Eyelid Surgery?

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty six months ago and there is still a little sagging of the skin on the upper eyelid. I think I need a direct... READ MORE

Will a Brow Lift Help Minimize a Large Forehead?

People tell me it's all in my head (no pun intended), but I've always been self-conscious about my forehead. I find my eyebrows don't help, as they... READ MORE

What kind of surgery would fix my hooded eyes? Do I need to get an eyebrow lift? (photos)

I have hooded eyes naturally, not due to ageing. I am 20 years old. Do I need to get an eyebrow lift? I Also have a very small forehead which looks... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Brow Lift and Blepharoplasty?

My eyebrows droop inwards too much, and I always have to lift the inner area up to stop the heavy feeling from my forehead and to keep from having an... READ MORE

Endoscopic Brow Lift for Changing Eyebrow Shape?

Is endoscopic Brow lift going to be effective if I just want to lift my eyebrows? I don't really have any sagging skin in my forehead but i would like... READ MORE

Can a Brow Lift Pull my Eyebrows Straighter?

I am 19 years old & have always had a low brow that makes me look angry. When I lift my brow muscles I look much more relaxed but my eyebrows... READ MORE

Low-set Eyebrows on 30 Year Old

I'm a young woman (30) who has very low set eyebrows, which are also very straight. What options do I have? I've looked at brow lift photos on the... READ MORE

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