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Why Would A Surgeon Use An Endotine Fixation Device For An Endocscopic Brow Lift?

Why would a board certified plastic surgeon use an endotine fixation device for a brow lift instead of relying on their own suturing abilities?... READ MORE

Post Brow Lift Itching and Pain. What Can I Do?

Had a brow llift 8 weeks ago with endotine implants. Have constant itching in forehead and scalp. Also, shooting pains in scalp mainly from incision... READ MORE

Why Did my Browlift with Endotine Ribbon Not Work?

I had a brow lift with endotine ribbon but unfortunately it did not work at all. My surgeon agreed that the results are not great and asked me to come... READ MORE

The Endotine Brow Lift, Will Tacks Protrude from Scalp Causing Severe Pain and Infection? (photo)

I have small tacks protruding from scalp with large lumps surrounding it. I have redness, hair loss, severe pain./with little rest. I am tortured... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Forehead to Reattach After a Brow Lift Using Endotine?

I have endotine implants for the browlift. I am afraid they are going to become detached or slip. It has been 5 weeks since my browlift, is my skin... READ MORE

Will my eyes stay like this after brow lift 9 days ago through my top lids :( (photos)

Hi it's been 9 days today iv had a endotine brow lift as I only wanted some skin taken away the surgeon said I need a lift as my brows had dropped. Iv... READ MORE

Why do I have such severe pain behind left endotine a month after brow lift?

This week I have literally screamed out in pain if I lay down on my left side, bend over to pick something up or just move certain ways. It is... READ MORE

Endoscopic brow lift with endotines

If an endoscopic brow lift is performed and endotines are used for the fixation device, won't the eyebrow fall back to its original position once the... READ MORE

Is it normal to see dents on the upper forehead, where the endotines are located? (photos)

I just had an endoscopic brow lift and lower blepharoplasty five days ago. I'm nervous about the dents on my forehead. Do I have to wait months and... READ MORE

4 months post op endotine brow lift, now have a slight vertical line indentation top of mid forehead. Any suggestions?

Had an Endotine brow lift four months ago. Now have a slight verticle line indentation top of mid forehead. One doctor suggested fractional laser to... READ MORE

Is it possible my body is rejecting the endotine fasteners used during my Browlift?

Had brow lift with endotine exactly 3 months ago. I have severe pain as if I am being shocked when I touch the nobs where they were placed, pain when... READ MORE

is it possible to get droopy eye brows 8 months after endoscopic with endotine procedure?

Is it possible to get droopy eye brows after endoscopic with endotine procedure only after 8 month??? READ MORE

Endotine fixation post itching (allergic reaction?) after brow lift procedure? I've read complaints about horrible itching.

Not itching from recent surgery, but itching that they've had for years after the procedure. The women say that their doctors never mentioned the side... READ MORE

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