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Who is the best brow lift revision surgeon? (photo)

I had a browlift over 10 years ago. I was tramatized by the dramatic results. My brows are so high that they do not look normal. I do not look like my... READ MORE

Lateral Eyebrow Lift?

I was going to go see an Oculoplastic surgeon in regards to having upper eyelid lift surgery. After being on this website, I realized that I may need... READ MORE

Brow bone reduction surgeon in the UK?

Hi does any one know of a good surgeon for brow bone reduction in the uk Thanks READ MORE

Looking for a surgeon who does the browpexy procedure.

I live in Orange County currently, but had the browpexy procedure done in 2013 when I lived in another state. I feel I need it again. I am 36 so I... READ MORE

What doctors on the east coast specialize in brow lifts/lateral hood lift ?

Im 20 years old and been considering evening out my brows (one is lower then the other) I need help finding a doctor who specializes or has a lot of... READ MORE

Could you please recommend a surgeon in the Chicago area who specializes in eyebrow lifts?

I have an eyebrow that is lower than the other one and would like to try to get both eyebrows at the same level. I am interested in an eyebrow lift... READ MORE

In search of a surgeon who can perform all of these facial procedures at once: forehead reduction, brow lift, lip lift? (Photos)

In order to cut down on recovery time, I am looking for a surgeon who is *experienced* in all five of these procedures at once or on consecutive days:... READ MORE

Hi Doctors. Do you suggest a brow lift for me? (photos)

I've had an eyelid lift 3 years ago and wanted a browlift but didn't have the funds. I need a little more skin tooken off eyelids as well but I think... READ MORE

Depressed about endoscopic lateral eyebrow lift. Any suggestions?

I want to get it reversed but can't find a certified oculoplastic surgeon. I Google and get no where. I don't want to look perfect, just as much like... READ MORE

Non surgical brow lift in San Diego?

I am only 44 and want to postpone surgery as long as I can. I did botox brow lift before and i liked it i am looking for a dr who is skilled in botox... READ MORE

Eyebrow lift doctors in NYC?

I have a droopy right eyelid, I would love to do a eyebrow lift with some Botox which would improve the look of my eyelid .. however I was told by a... READ MORE

My right eyebrow drives me crazy. It is higher than the other. Which specialist should I consult in the first time?

I always had an eye smaller than the other one but since I lost weight and I am getting older, it seems to be worst than ever. Wich specialist should... READ MORE

Where would be best to get an endoscopic browlift?

Hi , recently I developed some sort of weakness around my Brows and upper eyelid .. glabella region and was told an endoscopic browlift could Help ..... READ MORE

Can anyone provide a referral for me?

I had a brow lift done and due to excessive pain and odor I had the endotine devices removed. During the healing process as of today, there's a greasy... READ MORE

How do I find out which Melbourne based plastic surgeons specialise in facial work?

I want a brow lift and want someone who has done this many many times. READ MORE

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