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What are these dents/ridges above my eyebrows? (photo)

I've recently noticed these dents above both my eyebrows. When I go outside it makes me look permanently angry (silly I know). I'm starting to get... READ MORE

Forehead completely dented after browlift- what to do next (photo)?

Brow lift 3 months ago. Very visible denting over eyebrows, between eyes and middle forehead. Some visible in photos taken very day after surgery. Dr... READ MORE

Dent in Middle of Forehead After Browlift?

I have a dent in middle of forehead about the size of a dime five weeks after browlift. It was from where the muscle was cut. Does this fill in and to... READ MORE

Droopy Eyebrow? Dent in Frontalis?

Back when I was 7 (roughly 10-11 years ago) I was accidentally hit by a metal flashlight on my right eyebrow. A scar remains, but just in the last... READ MORE

Dents in forehead after brow lift?

Have a quarter sized flat area between eyes and a 2 inch very noticeable depression above one eye. Surgeon never experienced this after muscle removed... READ MORE

Is it normal to see dents on the upper forehead, where the endotines are located? (photos)

I just had an endoscopic brow lift and lower blepharoplasty five days ago. I'm nervous about the dents on my forehead. Do I have to wait months and... READ MORE

Strange dents, puffiness & lumps appeared 5 months after a Trichophytic Brow Lift. What can be done? (Photo)

7 months post op & 5 months after brow lift, forehead is dented, wrinkly, puffy in the middle like there is a glob of tissue underneath even... READ MORE

Can brow lift surgery speed the metabolic absorption of Voluma and Juvaderm fillers?

I had injected both Voluma and Juvaderm fillers in my cheeks and chin area two to four months before my surgery. I have noted my facial "dents" are... READ MORE

I'm 19 and considering a Breast lift or reduction; which is better?

Hi I'm 19 and have a size 38jj natural breasts but I have a slim body and they sag and I have to wear a bra with straps whenever I go out So I have... READ MORE

Forehead dent 3 months after brow lift and forehead recontouring with coronal incision? (Photos)

3 months ago I had a browlift with a coronal incision as part of a forehead recontouring procedure (forehad and brow bone shaving). 2 weeks later I... READ MORE

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