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Coronal Brow Lift Vs Endoscopic Brow Lift?

After consulting 6 surgeons for face, neck and eye surgery, only one wants to do a coronal brow lift. Is this safe and successful compared to an... READ MORE

Eyebrow Disaster After Coronal Brow Lift

Had coronal brow lift, face lift, and lower blepharoplasty 4.5 mo.ago. Left eyebrow is 1”lower than right and left doesn't move. Lift left... READ MORE

Do the Pro's Outway the Con's in a Coronal Brow Lift?

I've heard many horror stories about the coronal brow lift, such as numbness, headaches and hair loss. Is it worth it? READ MORE

Can a Coronal Browlift Be Reversed?

I had a coronal browlift done about a year ago. I know it is more invasive and the old timey way but can it be reversed? The reason why i chose this... READ MORE

Is Steroid Medication Given for Swelling and Pain from a Coronal Brow Lift?

I need to know the best medication possible to be used for this cut swelling and pain. READ MORE

When should I start to worry about no hair growth in the VERY LARGE coronal brow lift scar? (Photo)

I had a coronal brow lift 3 months ago. The scar seems to be getting bigger and is progressively getting more difficult to hide & actually getting... READ MORE

Can a coronal Brow Lift be re-done after 14 years?

I had a coronol browlift about 14 years ago and it was great. My brow now seems to be reverting back to how it was prior to the original lift. Can I... READ MORE

Should I Wait for 2 Years to See if Medial Frontalis Muscle Will Repair Anymore?

18 mo. after coronal brow lift, left eyebrow is still 1" lower than right. Surgeon used Botox on right & on "drooping" left eye, but wears off.... READ MORE

Hair loss after coronal brow lift for over a year: is that normal and if so what to do to get hair back?

Surgery was May-Jun 2013. Dermatologist test lab results (collected hairs over 2 wks) was Elogen Effluvium. Since mid Sep using Rogaine usually once a... READ MORE

Can a brow lift be done with excising skin or raising the hairline?

I had brow bone reduction previously via coronal incision. The result was ok but I believe can be reduced more. I'm thinking of having brow lift in... READ MORE

Can brow bone reduction and brow lift be done using the coronal incision technique and still get great results?

Im planning on getting brow bone reduction & brow lift but do not want the incision made on my hairline because I want to get a hair transplant to... READ MORE

Endoscopic or Coronal for a dramatic result? (photos)

My eyebrows droop severely, but I don't want to get a coronal brow lift because it just seems too risky. I've heard that you can only get a dramatic... READ MORE

What else can I do to fix the bald spots on my head from a brow lift 2 1/2 years ago. What's the solution? (photos)

A Coronal brow lift left scalp balding, with gapping staples used in the incision. My doctor's partner tried a loosely stitched revision and a few... READ MORE

How can a medial Brow Lift be performed?

I am interested in having a brow lift (medial) to raise the inner eyebrows as my inner brow drops down too low. My outer eyebrow is at a good position... READ MORE

Brow Lift + Scar Revision: Coronal or Endoscopic?

Hi. I had a coronal brow lift 9 months ago. The results are slightly asymmetric and I would like the height to be raised slightly. In addition there... READ MORE

Coronal Brow Lift Revision?

Hi. I had a coronal brow lift 9 months ago. The results are slightly asymmetric and I would like the height to be raised slightly. I was just... READ MORE

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