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Brow Lift Complications?

I'm thinking about a brow lift. What possible brow lift complications or side effects should I be aware of? READ MORE

One Brow Not Moving 1 Month After Brow Lift

My surgeon says to wait, and the movement will return. What could have happened? READ MORE

Can Coronal Brow Lifts Cause Hair Loss As a Bad Side Effect

I had a coronal brow lift 4 months ago and since then my hair is now very thin across all the top of my head. I used to have thick hair. Is this... READ MORE

Worried by Sutures Coming Out, Lump, Indent After Brow Lift

Is it normal for a suture and post to come out 18 days post op? Lump above left eyebrow? Is it normal to have a large indent on the top of my head? Is... READ MORE

Large Forehead After Brow Lift?

Will traditional brow lift leave me with large looking forehead? I want to have excess skin removed from my forehead. This would make my forehead look... READ MORE

Novathreads brow lift?

I just read on a doctors website about Novathreads. Can this be done on the brows to lift them a bit? If so, what would be the process and possible... READ MORE

Why Did This Happen to my Eyes and Crease in Side of Face After Cosmetic Surgery?

I had a face lift, upper and lower eye lift, brow lift. I was left with "one eyebrow, hanging over my top lid, furrows between the brows, and one... READ MORE

After Browpexy my Eyelid Closes Down when my Eyebrows Are Raised. What Happened?

After browpexy revision on one eye, the eyelid closes down when that eyebrow is raised. Should I massage that eyelid to release whatever is holding... READ MORE

Can You Clearly Defined the Incidence of Complications with a Brow Lift (Open Procedure)?

Can You Clearly Defined the Incidence of Complications with a Brow Lift (Open Procedure)? READ MORE

Endoscopic brow lift - one sided pain.

I had a brow lift 3 weeks ago and one side of face is still numb and I am having trouble with muscles. There is a bump on brow that is very painful.... READ MORE

Are there companies that sell cosmetic complication insurance DIRECTLY to patients? If so, then can you name some?

I know that I can get cosmetic complication insurance through some plastic surgery practices, but what if the surgeon that I have in mind does not... READ MORE

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