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Internal Brow Lift with Upper Eyelid Surgery?

I have interviewed several doctors concerning surgery on my upper eyelids. All of them said I would only need excess skin removed but one of them... READ MORE

Can a Lateral Brow Lift Be Performed Through the Upper Lids?

Can a lateral brow lift be performed through the upper lids,whilst having a Bleph? READ MORE

How Long to Wait After Botox to Have Brow Lift?

I'm planning on having a facelift/browlift later this year. Given uncertainty as to when I can take time off from work for surgery, yesterday I... READ MORE

Facelift and Lateral Brow or Eye Fillers First?

I had an endobrow lift over a year ago, lateral brows have fallen. My inner upper eyelid junctions are more hollowed out. From an aesthetic... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Do A Brow Lift and Hairline Advancement At The Same Time?

Why does the Plastic Surgeon I talk to tell me that he can't do a brow lift & hairline advancement at the same time, when doctors do those... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to have a lateral Brow lift along with a Facelift?

When a person has a facelift, is it a good idea to also have a lateral browlift, to open up and eyes and decrease the excess on the lateral brow whish... READ MORE

If One Wants to Have a Brow Lift, How Long Does One Have to Stay off Botox?

I've been getting forehead Botox. Also, the nurse has been elevating one of the eyebrows with Botox, which droops more than the other. I would... READ MORE

Browlift Hairline, New Nose, Fat Transfer to Cheeks/Chin Too Much For One Surgery?

Browlift Hairline/ New"nose/ Fat Transfer to Cheeks and Chin.. is It to Much in One Go.?  is It a MASSIVE Recovery for All This? READ MORE

Can I have a brow lift using Botox and treat forehead lines? How much needed to treat glabellar?

I had Botox on my forehead 10u & crows feet 10u each side. This is enough as my lines are minimal. When I asked about a light brow lift I was told... READ MORE

Would you recommend a brow lift in addition to upper and lower bleph? (Photo)

I am healthy have never had any facial surgery, injections or treatments. Would you recommend a brow lift for me in addition to upper and lower bleph?... READ MORE

Eyebrow lift? Or combination of upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty? (Photo)

My aims are to have bigger and brighter eyes so it will fit my round face. I already have double eyelid but I have a mild non-symmetry eyelid. My left... READ MORE

What combination of procedures would I most benefit from to address sagging jowls, heavy brows/ eyelids and furrows? (photo)

Recent weight loss has resulted in a saggy, sad face! Could I see improvement from a brow lift without the upper bleph? READ MORE

Brow bone bossing combined with brow lifting?

I have a very masculine forehead and am a woman, most notably, I have a prominent brow bone. I am thinking of having it shaved and am wondering if if... READ MORE

Brow Lift, Blepharoplasty, Ptosis, Fat Grafting or a combination of two or more! (Photo)

Hi There, My eyes give a dull appearance to my entire face. I am not sure if I need to undergo Brow Lift, Blepharoplasty, Ptosis, Fat Grafting or a... READ MORE

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