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Options To Treat Asymmetric Uneven Eyebrows and Sometimes Eyelid? (photo)

Hi, I am wondering what options I have for my uneven eyebrows. My left eyebrow is a lot higher than my right eyebrow, and when I'm tired my right... READ MORE

Can Asymmetric Eyes or Eyebrows Be Fixed?

I am interested in fixing my asymmetrical eyes. One of my brows sits noticeably lower and that same eye looks much smaller than the other eye/eyebrow.... READ MORE

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

Generally how much would I need to spend to get a forehead brow lift? READ MORE

What exactly is the problem with my eye/eyebrow and what can I do to fix it? (photo)

One of my eyebrows is much higher than the other. It alters my smile and face and leaves me looking weird or disfigured in pictures and in person. It... READ MORE

Non-surgical Ways to Help Sagging Brow Area?

I'm 48 yrs., with having had minimal sun bathing exposure.. no visible damage to forehead skin, yet I've notice a slight drop of my BROW area. Nature... READ MORE

How Long is the Recovery from Brow Lift?

I am getting a Brow lift in 2 weeks and I am wondering how long the recovery is? How much pain will I be in after the procedure and how safe is it? READ MORE

Mini-brow Lift Vs. Botox: Trying to Save Money

Would love to cut down my botox cost but i like the results to stick around.  today i saw an article on msnbc that said a doctor (Dr. Gerut)... READ MORE

What is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

How is an endoscopic browlift different than a traditional brow lift or forehead lift? READ MORE

Overactive Eyebrow on One Side

I have an overactive eyebrow, just on my right side. It's always raised and I have to focus very hard to lower it, and when I do, it feels heavy.... READ MORE

Botox Brow Lift Vs Thermage for the Eyes?

What is the difference between a Botox brow lift and Thermage for the eyes? READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make my Eyebrows More Arched?

I'm young, 20, but my eyebrows really bother me. They are pretty much straight across. They have no arch. My question is, is there any way to get the... READ MORE

How Painful is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

What is the pain associated with an endoscopic brow lift? I had a full face lift 7 months ago and I really wish I would have gotten the brow lift as... READ MORE

Can You Use Botox for a Brow Lift?

Will Botox give you a lift like surgery, but nonsurgically? READ MORE

How is a Temporal Brow Lift Different from Other Lift Methods?

Why would doctors recommend a temporal brow lift for some patients? READ MORE

Loose Forehead Skin? (photo)

Hello, my forehead skin is verry lose. I'm 23 When i walk my forehead is moving up/down. When i place my hand on my hair i can move my whole forehead... READ MORE

Asymmetric/uneven Eyebrows and Eyelid

Just wondering what options I have for my eyebrow and eyelid. Ideally, I'd like to match my left (your right) eyelid and eyebrow, as I like... READ MORE

Drooping & uneven right eyelid & eyebrow. What are my options to fix this? (photos)

Hello my left eyebrow & eyelid is higher and open than my right eyebrow & eyelid. My right eyebrow and eyelid seem to be uneven and droop. I can... READ MORE

Mini-brow Lift Vs. Full Face Lift?

I am interested in a mini-brow lift, but I'm also wondering if a full face lift makes more sense. I have a high forehead and, and I don't want to make... READ MORE

How Long Are Lateral Brow Lift Incisions?

How long are the incisions on each side of the head for a lateral Brow Lift? How far back are they from the hair line? Thank you. READ MORE

Permanent Solution for Forehead and Eye Wrinkles?

My husband is in his late 30s and has severe wrinkles around his eyes and forehead. He is very expressive and his wrinkles are getting bad so quickly... READ MORE

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