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Options To Treat Asymmetric Uneven Eyebrows and Sometimes Eyelid? (photo)

Hi, I am wondering what options I have for my uneven eyebrows. My left eyebrow is a lot higher than my right eyebrow, and when I'm tired my right... READ MORE

What exactly is the problem with my eye/eyebrow and what can I do to fix it? (photo)

One of my eyebrows is much higher than the other. It alters my smile and face and leaves me looking weird or disfigured in pictures and in person. It... READ MORE

How Can I Permanetly Lower my One Eyebrow to Acheive Symmetry As Opposed to Raising the Opposite Eyebrow? (photo)

Okay so all my life i've wondered why I look good in some photos and really bad in others, until just in this past year I finally clued in that my... READ MORE

Right Eye is Larger than my Left and Eyebrow is Higher, Too. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi, My Right Eye is Larger Than my Left Eye and my Eyebrow is Higher Too, Can This Be Corrected? I never want any photos taken so we have no family... READ MORE

Options To Fix Asymmetry and Droopy Eyebrow? (photo)

Hi Doctors My left eyebrow is normal , always in its right place never changing .While my right eyebrow is droopy and heavy and always changing , I... READ MORE

Reverse Browlift

Hello I'm 32 years old and have ten years ago endoscopic Forehead lift and ptosis surgery of the eyelids. My eyes looks very prominent and lover... READ MORE

Droopy, Paralyzed Eyebrow?

I suffered nerve damage to the right side of my face after a car accident. This has caused my right eyebrow to be much lower than my left, and I'm... READ MORE

Solution for Asymmetric Eyebrows? (photo)

I am nineteen years old. My face is asymmetrical and it doesn't really bother me for the most part. However, my asymmetrical eyebrows drive me... READ MORE

Brow Asymmetry After Brow Lift

I am 45 and am 12 weeks post-op from a "bad" Botox outcome which caused ptosis in my left eyebrow. I am also 28 days post-op from an... READ MORE

Details on Where to Start for Asymmetrical Eyebrows? (photo)

I have Asymmetrical eyebrows, or at least I have forced myself to believe I do. From the two pictures provided, you can see one eyebrow is lower than... READ MORE

Asymmetric/uneven Eyebrows. Height Changes? (photo)

Just wondering what options I have for my eyebrows. I feel like i don't have as much control over my right eyebrow (your left). I can't really arch it... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Fillers or a Brow Lift For My Tired Appearance? (photo)

I'm 45 and would like to look less tired. I'm considering fillers for the tear trough -my main area of concern- but also I see how low my brow... READ MORE

Which Procedure Should Be Done First?

I'm thinking of a brow lift to correct a slightly drooping brow and to eliminate the resulting asymmetry. The overall lift to the entire forehead... READ MORE

Eyebrow Correction

I asked previously about correcting eyebrow asymmetry. I absolutely do not want my hairline touched or altered in any way. READ MORE

Brow Lift/forehead Lift, Any Way to Reverse It?

I underwent pretrichial forehead lift 2004. Brows continue to be very over elevated centrally and are asymmetrical. The right side is pulled up so... READ MORE

Why is one eye and eyebrow higher than the other and what can I do about it? (photo)

My mom said she didn't notice anything off but I feel like my face is very asymmetrical but maybe I'm just being self conscious and too critical. What... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my asymmetrical eyebrows? (photos)

As the photo above indicates, my eyebrows are horribly assymetrical and it makes me really self-conscious about photos. It is also worse the more... READ MORE

15 Days Post Op from Cornal Brow Lift-Now Have Asymmetrical Brows. Is This The Final Result? (photo)

For most of the last 15 days I've been healing from a cornal brow lift (only procedure)I've only noticed a small change in symmentry of my... READ MORE

I Like my "Ptosis"

I posted here a month ago about my uneven brow/lid. General consensus was see on occuplastic surgeon for ptosis (please see link for add. photos:... READ MORE

Can an endoscopic brow lift gone wrong be treated with Botox after surgery for temporary improvement? (Photo)

I had an endoscopic brow lift 9 days ago. When I woke up I immediately saw my eyebrows were not symmetrical. I questioned the nurse but she said I was... READ MORE

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