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Asymmetric/uneven Eyebrows and Eyelid

Just wondering what options I have for my eyebrow and eyelid. Ideally, I'd like to match my left (your right) eyelid and eyebrow, as I like... READ MORE

Drooping & uneven right eyelid & eyebrow. What are my options to fix this? (photos)

Hello my left eyebrow & eyelid is higher and open than my right eyebrow & eyelid. My right eyebrow and eyelid seem to be uneven and droop. I can... READ MORE

Botox Vs. Eye Brow Lift? (photo)

My right eye brow doesn't arch as high as my left, as I am getting older it is getting more pronounced. I would like them to look at they do in the... READ MORE

Change the Arch of Your Eyebrows? (photo)

Hi I am a male, my eyebrows are arched which makes my face look feminine. Is it possible that surgery could make my eyebrows more... READ MORE

One eyebrow is arched higher than the other, any suggestions? (photos)

Hi! So I've noticed that one of my eyebrows arches higher than the other, I was just wondering if there was a permanent fix for this? I've read that... READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old & my eyebrows are uneven when it comes to the arch. What needs to be done in order to make them more even?(photo)

I am only 20 years old and my eyebrows have always been uneven when it comes to the arch!! I hate it. If you can see my left brow is a lot higher and... READ MORE

Outer Brow Lift Questions (photos)

I'm a female, early 20's. I'm considering some kind of brow lift to raise the outer portion of my eyebrows, to achieve more of an arch. I don't want... READ MORE

Could the incision not healing properly have caused eyebrows to fall after browlift? (photos)

I had a browlift with absorbable sutures 2 months ago. My brows aren't as arched and it seems they continue to fall. I only had 2 incisions. After... READ MORE

Is this normal? Post-op endoscopic brow lift. I am very scared. (photos)

I just had an endoscopic brow lift. This is a mere six hours post-op. What I don't understand is why would my left eye brow be hiked up an inch and a... READ MORE

Would a brow lift for reshaping give me a more feminine look?

In a twenties patient,with plaint, not very arched brows who is starting to experience hooding and tired look,is there a procedure to lift the upper... READ MORE

Will a Brow Lift give me the Straight Brow Look as depicted on the Model ? What type of Brow Lift (Lateral, Endoscopic)? (photo)

I am interested in a Brow Lift to give me more of a Straight Brow and to pull my brows laterally because I desire that look when I pull my brows apart... READ MORE

Why didn't my browlift stay in place?

I had a browlift with cortical tunnels and sutures almost 2 months ago. After the procedure the brows were arched great and the skin on my eyelids... READ MORE

What is a discontinuous Brow lift? Is it the same thing as a lateral brow lift? (photos)

I want better arched eyebrows. My goal is to have an elegant, glamorous appearance like Meghan Foxes's brow lift and this was recommended by a surgeon... READ MORE

Can I get a brow lift for forehead lines and to raise my naturally low eyebrows at age 30?

I have only just entered my 30s but I have low eyebrows naturally that I would like higher and I have always had faint lines across my forehead even... READ MORE

Is it normal to have overly arched brows after Brow Lowering Procedure?

I had surgery a month ago to correct my previous Brow lift procedure because it was overly to high, I wanted my brows lowered to a more relaxed shape,... READ MORE

My eyebrow (left) seems to have dropped, I've lost it's arch. Should I be concerned? (photos)

If I need to see a doc about this, which kind of doctor would I see?? I see it more when I don't smile. but I notice my left eyebrow is way lower and... READ MORE

Could a brow lift make my brows more curvy?

I have very straight eyebrows and wants to make them more arched. But when I look at before and after-pictures from browlifts, I dont think it looks... READ MORE

Is a brow lift recommended for uneven eyebrows/hooded Asian eye/angry 11s if brows are naturally very arched? (Photos)

I have been treating "angry 11" brow area with 25-30 units of Botox every 2-4 months (very strong!) for the last 2 years. I have no wrinkles yet in my... READ MORE

I want to change the shape of my eyebrows. I have triangular arch eyebrows, but I want them to be flat. Is this possible?

My eyebrows are very arched, but I want them to look flat, kinda like Zayn Malik. Is this possible without looking unnatural through surgery? Can I... READ MORE

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