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Pins and Needles Sensation Six Months After Brow Lift, Is This Normal?

Hello, about six months after an endoscopic eyebrow lift I started to feel a slight pins and needle sensation on the left side area under the scalp... READ MORE

These Are the Scars Left After a Temporal Brow Lift, Please Tell Me This Isn't Right? (photo)

I had a temporal brow lift 6 months ago and was left noticeably scarred and bald. The 'reputable' surgeon lifted the corner of my brows like we... READ MORE

6 Months Post-Op Brow Lift, Smoothed Forehead Wrinkles, Left Deep Furrows Between Brows, Normal?

I had a brow lift and upper and lower eye lift 6 months ago. the brow lift only smoothed some forehead wrinkles and left a humped area between the... READ MORE

I Had an Endoscopic Brow Lift (3 Slits in my Hair Line) 6 Months Ago and 1 of my Eyebrows is Sagging?

My doc says that he can remove the skin off that eye but I am concerned that although the lid has returned to droopy like before the procedure, my... READ MORE

I'm 6 months post op endo browlift, and suffering dry eye, tightness, pulling of forehead & scalp. Is this normal?

Posting after my brow-lift when my eyes wouldn't close/ tightness/pulling, all advised wait 6 months. Eyes close almost normal again, but if wrinkle... READ MORE

On average, how much of a brow lift will fat transfer to the bilateral brows give?

I recently reached the 6th month mark post-endoscopic brow lift. My brows have dropped a bit since the surgery, mainly the outer brow. I was much more... READ MORE

Pus Still at Incision of Endoscopic Brow Lift 6 Months Later?

6 months later I still have pus and pain at endoscopic incision site of brow lift. I also have pain I have had many antibiotics but pus and pain still... READ MORE

Help, so confused. Temporal brow lift hairline incision or behind the hair?

Help, so confused. I had an Endotine brow lift 6 months ago. I now need to go back and have a revision under just local sedation because the tail on... READ MORE

Lateral brow lift procedure post 6-months and still swelling! Is it normal? (Photo)

I had a lateral brow lift procedure done June 2016. I swelled a lot and it was though to recover. Actually I never really fully rcovered. From time to... READ MORE

Can I have a skin graft after eyebrow lift? Dr cut too much of my eyebrow

I had beautiful eyes. 2 year ago i had fat grafting and i had some problem with fat, then i had fat remove all of my face. 6 month ago i had the... READ MORE

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