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Can Coronal Brow Lifts Cause Hair Loss As a Bad Side Effect

I had a coronal brow lift 4 months ago and since then my hair is now very thin across all the top of my head. I used to have thick hair. Is this... READ MORE

For How Long Will Temporal Lift Last for 22 Year Old Woman?

I had temporal lift 4 months ago im 22. my doctor made an long incisin anf removed extra skin. i had hooded eyes and i wanted an open almond shaped... READ MORE

4 months post op endotine brow lift, now have a slight vertical line indentation top of mid forehead. Any suggestions?

Had an Endotine brow lift four months ago. Now have a slight verticle line indentation top of mid forehead. One doctor suggested fractional laser to... READ MORE

Can anyone explain how eye ptosis is causing my eyebrow to droop 4 months after Brow Lift?

I've always had one eyebrow that was lower. In Sept, I had an eyebrow lift to that eyebrow which didn't hold up. Now, 4 months later, I consulted with... READ MORE

I had a brow lift and facelift post 4 months. When I perspire or sweat it smells kind of shunky, is this normal? (Photo)

I had a brow lift and facelift post 4 months. These past few weeks my hair has falling out all over and I hardly have any hair left on my crown. My... READ MORE

I had a brow lift done end of last year and just recently had the endotine devices removed - smell/odor?

Around the area of my brow lift (forehead line) smells weird almost oily greasy and funky. Every morning, I have to use a bottle spray mist 1/8... READ MORE

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