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Can an Endoscopic Brow Lift Be Reversed?

I had an endoscopic brow lift 2 yrs ago and it has completly ruined my forehead..my inner eyebrows are to high up, and the outer eyebrow is to low, it... READ MORE

I Had a Brow Lift Using Screws and Two Years After Surgery my Head Started to Swell in That Region?

It appears their was debris above the screw which the plastic surgeon removed. Their was no tool to remove the screw so he drilled it further into my... READ MORE

Corrugator (Or Some Other) Muscle in Wrong Location? (photo)

Direct brow lift two years ago (corrugator muscles were excised/had glabellar muscle ablation) I’ve notice on the medial portion of the orbit on my r... READ MORE

I had a hairline brow lift about 2 years ago?

I still have feel tightness and tingling-sometimes it's rather intense. Will this ever go away? READ MORE

Would Radiofrequency Ablation or Supraorbital/supratrochlear Block Alleviate Exreme Scalp Tightness/squeezing?

I had a dual plane eyebrow lift in July of 2010, and my life has turned upside-down because of the suffering I"ve endured. I had my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Stiff, bulging internal scar tissue 2.5 years after endo brow lift. (Photo)

Sorry for my lack of proper description last time. I have stiff bulging internal scar tissues (collagen I've been told) in between and above (all... READ MORE

Scar revision for forehead scar?

I had forehead brow lift surgery done 2 years ago. Scar hid under hairline.Im regretting the surgery due to some personal religion reason I have to... READ MORE

I have painful swollen muscles and nerves above/between/under brows over 2 years after endoscopic brow lift. Involuntary spasms?

Hi I'm having the following symptoms 2 years after endo brow lift: -painful swollen muscles and nerves above/between/under brows that are pushing the... READ MORE

Have I sustained motor nerve injury? 2 years post-op endo brow lift.

Hi. 2 years after endo brow lift I am experiencing swollen muscles/nerves all around brow region resulting in a tight, painful feeling ( my brows look... READ MORE

Leftover excessive scar tissue from endo brow lift (2.5 years post op). What can be done to remove it?

Hi, I have excessive amount of leftover scar tissues in and surrounding my brows that is causing my so much discomfort and pain as well as lack of... READ MORE

I have a lump from brow lift surgery that will not go away. What can be done after 3 additional procedures and 2 years? (photos)

Endosopic with bleph was the procedure. After the procedure I had bumps under my scalp in the 2 surgical areas. I have undergone 3 surgeries since and... READ MORE

Can pulling downward on forehead lower my overlifted eye brows? 2 years post-op.

Had coronoal browlift 2 years ago and for my tastes eyebrows too high. Is it useful to engage in a daily regime of pulling on my forehead? Will this... READ MORE

Best option for hairline lowering after a brow lift procedure?

I had a brow lift procedure done two years ago and immediately hated how high my forehead was/the shape of it. I love my eyebrows but just hate how... READ MORE

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